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Chris Frates


With Fiscal Fights Looming, Can Simpson-Bowles Group Get Congress to Move?

Fix the Debt effort has the cash to make campaigns difficult for uncompromising members.


Senate Republicans Prepare for Coming Fiscal Showdown

Mitch McConnell's team is selling his role as GOP dealmaker.


Nuclear Crisis Averted, Senate Begins Clearing Obama Nominees

Senate approves Cordray for consumer bureau; votes on Labor and EPA nominees expected this week.


Senate Agrees to Up-or-Down Votes for Obama Nominees, Avoids 'Nuclear Option'

Deal paves way for vote on CFPB nominee Richard Cordray.


GOP Not Backing Down on Border Security in Immigration Bill

Republicans insist something’s needed on security to get their support for reform.


Don't Expect Any Backroom Deals on Sequester -- For Now

Congress now likely to address fiscal situation through regular legislative process.


Once unthinkable, severe spending cuts now seem plausible

Senators increasingly see sequester as the best deal either side can get.


House GOP seeing sequester, not debt ceiling, as fight to pick

'Sometimes you’ve got to lay down a sacrifice bunt,' says Rep. Dennis Ross.


Here's what's in the fiscal cliff deal

From tax hikes to a two-month delay in sequestration.


Cliff deal would extend tax cuts for households up to $450,000

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Joe Biden work to craft last-minute agreement to prevent tax hikes.


Fiscal cliff negotiations: A slow-motion car wreck?

The best chance for a deal seems to lay with Senate leaders of both parties.


Why a fiscal cliff deal is still possible

The best time to negotiate may be when the Capitol is empty.


Democrats dodge questions on spending cuts

Obama’s plan calls for $1.2 trillion in reductions, including a switch to the chained CPI.


Can Boehner sell the GOP on Obama's new fiscal cliff offer?

Rank-and-file reaction will determine the speaker's leeway to cut a deal.


Majority leader expects Senate back Dec. 26

Legislative leaders often use the threat of holiday week sessions to force action.