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Celine Gounder


Will COVID Spike Again This Fall? 6 Tips to Help You Stay Safe

Recent research suggests that the COVID virus is mutating to better dodge people’s immune defenses. It could soon evade monoclonal antibodies used to treat COVID. KHN examines what public health officials believe is on the horizon and how best to fight the disease


Did the U.S. Jump the Gun With the New Omicron-Targeted Vaccines?

With fears of a winter surge looming, government agencies have authorized and encouraged vaccination with a newly formulated booster. But the science to support that decision remains inconclusive.


What You Need to Know About Monkeypox

For now, monkeypox poses a low risk to the U.S. public, but it could become a problem if the spread is left unchecked. Here’s what everyone should know about it.


The Future of Getting Paid to Be Healthy

Pairing financial incentives and workplace wellness programs, employers can save money, and employees can make it.


How Exercising at Work Saves Money

If your office doesn't have a gym, it soon might -- out of the government's interest.