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Ben Schreckinger


Welcome to the Future: Congress Takes on 3-D Printing

3-D printing now lets you make a high-capacity ammo magazine at home, but that’s just the start of a "third industrial revolution."


Panetta orders officer ethics review

Pentagon officials said review had been planned before Gen. David Petraeus's extramarital affair was uncovered.


SEAL Team Six members reprimanded in video game consulting deal

Four former team members who remain in the military are also under investigation.


Obama, Romney in tight race for newspaper endorsements

About two-thirds of major papers have not yet picked a candidate.


Mother of slain SEAL condemns Romney

The Romney campaign said Thursday he would stop mentioning the slain SEAL publicly.


Obama says Romney shoots first, aims later

In 60 Minutes interview, president says his challenger lacks caution.


Summing up Biden, Pew finds 'good' edges out 'idiot'

Only five of 1,008 survey respondents ventured that the vice president is 'bad.'


On NBC, Romney drops one small hint about veep choice

Comment could point to Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, author of the GOP budget plan.