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DHS agency issues payments to private security guards, reviews disputed claims

House lawmaker vows continued oversight of security contracting.


Presidential hopefuls sign pledge to back federal funding search engine

Three candidates affirm commitment to implement legislation enhancing transparency of federal spending.


NASA announces $500 million rocket contract

Boeing team to construct upper stage of Ares I rocket to be used in sending astronauts back to the moon.


Union to fight FDA plan to put jobs up for competition

Studies could lead to contracting out more than 300 "commercial" positions; agency has set up intranet site to inform employees about the process.


Former OPM employees plead guilty to stealing $27,000

Accounting technicians face up to 10 years in prison for diverting government funds into personal accounts.


Union makes headway in case against labor relations official

FLRA regional director supports contested union consolidation, files complaint with administrative judge.


Army suicides on the rise

Growth raises questions about mental health care provided to service members.

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Union members rally against labor relations official

Some NLRB employees say general counsel has violated labor law by refusing to work with a consolidated bargaining unit.


Lawmakers ask agencies to draw in more minority-owned ad firms

New report shows Defense and Treasury lag in doing business with small, disadvantaged and minority-owned advertising companies.


EEOC to move call center operations back in-house

Commissioners vote to close central service center, grant three-month contract extension to make time for transition.


Appeals court deals blow to unions in Defense personnel case

Court rejects request to rethink a May decision that would allow the Pentagon to move forward on labor relations changes.


USDA agency launches inquiry into lobbying e-mail

Officials say they are looking into complaints that employees violated prohibitions against political activity by encouraging co-workers to oppose legislation.


Lawmakers back ousted hurricane center chief

Two Democrats seek to reinstate Bill Proenza to the position he held before being forced out as the nation's chief hurricane forecaster.


GSA raises lodging per diem

Standard rate will rise by $10 per night; rates will be even more in some metropolitan areas.


EEOC votes not to extend contract for customer service center

Commission split over possible contract extension, considers bringing operation in-house.


Lawmakers probe claims of improper influence over science

Interior inspector general questioned about interactions between scientists and policy-makers.


House lawmaker joins bid to end TSA contracting exemption

Senators are making a similar effort; witnesses at hearing say changes would bring greater transparency, more competition.


Senators consider steps to enforce small business goals

Witnesses say there aren’t enough measures to hold agencies accountable for failing to reach 23 percent target.


DHS to review $8 million in unpaid security contract invoices

Homeland Security officials and House lawmaker pledge to fix flawed system for paying contract guards.


Undercover officials get license to buy dirty bomb materials

GAO officials used name of bogus business to win approval to buy critical equipment.