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Andrew Lapin


Read It Here First

The State Department’s obliquely worded e-reader contract offers a lesson in diplomacy.

Thinking Ahead

Down by the Schoolyard

Deborah Temkin takes bullying to heart and is leading the Education Department’s campaign against it.


Around Government

Battle of the blaze, game spirit, counting plum jobs and the invisible war.


Report: Army soldier shot, killed commander at Fort Bragg

Alleged shooter had been facing court martial and possible discharge over stealing a tool box.


Crackdown on government travel advances to full House

Oversight panel also approves measure allowing agency heads to put errant execs on unpaid leave.


Dempsey maps sequestration cuts at Defense

The Joint Chiefs chairman says the military has 'stretched out the rubber band.'


Coast Guard investigates animal testing video

Medical training practices provoke outrage from PETA and director Oliver Stone.


Supreme Court: Secret Service agents cannot be sued

Agents have the authority to make ‘swift, on-the-spot decisions,’ justices say.


FEMA official emphasizes 'team effort' as hurricane season begins

Working with state and local governments and private sector key to weathering storms, deputy administrator says.


Government lost 5,000 jobs in May

Longest federal workforce decline in more than a decade continues, data show.


Around Government

Veterans back in the saddle, upward mobility and trip tips.


Watchdog: Disability hiring still lags

Few agencies have adequate plans and OPM has failed to develop a training program, GAO finds.


Fewer senior executives are satisfied with their pay, OPM finds

Fifty-seven percent surveyed say they plan to retire within five years.