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How To Get a World-Class Education For Free on The Internet

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Hillary Clinton Is Now Touting a Bernie-esque Plan for Free College

The Democratic presidential candidate has announced an expansion of her education platform.


Pope Francis Met With Bernie Sanders Out of 'Good Manners,' He Says

The candidate was briefly visiting the Vatican Saturday for a conference on social, economic, and environmental issues.


What Not to Expect From Your Job Next Year

Employees might expect modest salary bumps in 2016, but not many end-of-year perks in the next few weeks.


'Sleeping On It' Won’t Help You Make Better Decisions In the Morning

“Nothing about sleeping on it makes you feel better,” one of the authors of the study said.


Diversity Actually Makes Us Smarter

A study suggests diversity can prompt people to think more critically.


Toxic Coworkers Are More Expensive Than Superstar Hires

Bosses and managers everywhere would do well to keep a vigilant eye.


Navy Taps Sandberg to Sponsor and Christen its Newest Submarine

The chief operating officer of Facebook, prominent activist and bestselling author is the new public face of the service.