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Allie Jones


Tim Geithner Is Still Defending Himself to Democrats

The former treasury secretary is attempting to explain his side of the government's Wall Street bailout in his new book.


Sexual Assault Reports Are Up 50 Percent in the Military

Jump is likely due to increased confidence in the system, not more crimes.


Sexual Assault in a Bureaucracy: How Universities and the Military Fail Victims

Senator notes women face similar hurdles in reporting incidents on campus and in the military.


Convicted General Could Still Get Big Pension

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, who was reprimanded and fined for adultery and improper relationships, is seeking to be allowed to retire as a general.


GOP Congressional Candidate Explains Why Military Rape Is Natural

Virginia State Sen. Dick Black, a former military prosecutor, is running for retiring Rep. Frank Wolf's seat.


Congress Won't Vote on How to End Military Sexual Assault

Senate runs out of time to vote on two competing amendments to Defense policy bill.


Americans Have Had It with Obama and Congress

Thirty-nine percent approve of the president; just 9 percent approve of Congress.


Most Americans Think Obama's Doing a Bad Job

Fifty-three percent of Americans disapprove of Obama, while 41 percent view him in a positive light.


The Military's Sexual Assault Problem Gets Bigger

Increased numbers are probably due in part to women feeling more comfortable reporting problems.


HHS Secretary Won't Quit Over Rocky Obamacare Rollout

Many Americans have tried and failed to buy insurance through the exchanges because the federal website has so many glitches.


Are You Smarter Than an American?

The Pew Research Center released its "What the Public Knows" study Thursday.

Pay & Benefits

Court Rules Veterans Affairs Must Give Benefits to Gay Spouses

Ruling cites Supreme Court's rejection of DOMA.


Your Jokes Hurt Joe Biden's Feelings

Biden discusses whether or not he'll run in 2016.


House Committee's 'Jay-Z, Beyonce Bill' Seeks to Tighten Cuba Travel Restrictions

The provision is part of a $17 billion financial services spending bill that funds the operations of the Treasury Department.