GOP’s Tax Victory Shapes Spending Battles Ahead

Republicans passed their long-sought plan to cut taxes, growing the deficit in the process. Now they want to target entitlement programs and the size of government.


As Mueller Takes Over Trump Probe, GOP Leaders Hold Their Fire

Top Republicans are wary of undermining the president—and his legislative agenda.


Which Side Will Trump Take in the Next Debt-Ceiling Fight?

Hill conservatives are unsure whether they’ll be battling alongside or against the White House.


Senate Democrats Plan to Pick Their Battles With Trump

A caucus dismayed by his victory sees a few areas for collaboration too.


Senate Puts Finishing Touches on Bill to Avoid a Shutdown

Lawmakers are working toward a deal to keep the government open past Sept. 30.


McConnell’s Surprise Move on War Authority

Neither Republicans nor Democrats knew the majority leader planned to set up a debate on authorizing the use of force against ISIS.


The Next President’s Power Play

Regardless of who wins in November, Obama’s successor plans to wield executive authority to achieve policy goals.


How the Debate Over Syrian Refugees Changed in an Instant

Lawmakers and governors are now scrambling to take the toughest line against admitting refugees to the U.S.


Senate Approves Budget Deal That Spares Federal Pay and Benefits

The two-year agreement passed early Friday morning despite objections of Cruz, Paul.


House Approves Budget Bill, Giving Boehner a Last Victory

Move takes some divisive fights off the table for Boehner's successor.


The White House and Congressional Republicans Are Nearing a Budget Deal to Avoid Shutdown

Boehner is eager to get an agreement on spending and the debt ceiling before he leaves office.


The Debt-Limit First Move No One Wants to Make

House and Senate GOP leaders know they need to pass a clean debt-ceiling measure, but neither wants to go first.


Republicans Have 2 Months to Fund Government, Raise the Debt Ceiling and More

Can the majority figure out how to do this plus fund highways and elect a speaker in the next eight weeks?

Pay & Benefits

The White House is Requesting $700K for Standing Desks

The Executive Office of the President appears to be aware that sitting all day has its downsides.


Here's Why McCarthy’s Résumé Matters

The likely next speaker never chaired a committee and his legislative record is thin.


A Shutdown Has Been Avoided ... For Now

Lawmakers pass a stopgap spending bill to keep agencies open through Dec. 11.


Congress Moves Halfway to Averting a Shutdown

The Senate easily approved a short-term spending bill, and the House is set to follow suit.


It Will Take 30 Agencies to Protect the Pope During His Visit

One Secret Service agent called the 1987 papal visit "the most stressful 10 days of my life."


Abortion Politics the Biggest Obstacle to Avoiding a Shutdown

GOP leaders hope that separate bills on abortion and Planned Parenthood will mollify conservatives, but the path to avoiding a shutdown remains murky.


On the Hill, Trump Promises 'So Much Winning' and an End to 'Stupid' Leaders

While Republicans debate how to handle the Iran deal inside the Capitol, the message outside the building was clear.