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Adam Martin


Romney stumbles over why he didn't mention troops in his speech

'You talk about the things that you think are important,' GOP candidate tells Fox.


Twelve cops jailed as Mexico figures out shooting of U.S. Embassy workers

Confusion still reigns over Friday's shooting of a U.S. embassy vehicle in Mexico.


FBI fears RNC disturbance by anarchists with acid eggs

Protesters may disturb the Tampa convention using a variety of methods, according to FBI intelligence.


Peace Corps director resigns long after agency's scandal

Neither Williams nor the agency has given any more details as to why he quit.


President Obama wants a NASA mohawk

Congratulates Mars Curiosity mission team on successful landing.


What Iraq vets have to say about Iraq

Combat veterans share their impressions of the war in Iraq now that the U.S. mission there is over.


Feinstein regrets her loose lips after suggesting White House leaks

Mitt Romney picked up the senator's remarks about national security leaks for his presidential campaign.


Maine governor again compares IRS to Gestapo

Asked if the agency would kill people, Paul LePage said, "they’re headed in that direction."


Large, jet-powered Navy drone crashes in Maryland

The cause of the accident in a marshy, uninhabitable area is still unknown.


Video: HHS Secretary Sebelius heckled during commencement speech

But what is the heckler saying? We can't tell.


Federal budget deficit to shrink to $1.1 trillion

Gap is not expected to get much smaller in the coming years if Bush era tax cuts are extended.