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Adam Clark Estes


UN Sources Say Syrian Rebels — Not Assad — Used Sarin Gas

Just ten days ago the U.S. shook its fist and officially declared that chemical weapons were being used by the Assad regime.


The CIA Gave Karzai Bags Full of Cash for Over a Decade

NY Times describes suitcases, backpacks and even plastic grocery bags full of cash.


CIA Added Tamerlan Tsarnaev to a Terrorist Watchlist 18 Months Ago

U.S. intelligence officials had said they had no info on Boston bomber.


Feds Arrest Paul Kevin Curtis Over Ricin-Laced Letters

Mississippi man allegedly signed the toxic notes with the initials 'KC.'


North Korea Reportedly Just Moved Its Missiles a Little Closer to the U.S.

The rogue nation has shifted its mid-range Musudan missile to the east coast of the country.


The Official Story of Who Shot Bin Laden Has Given Way to a Media Feud

Struggle to figure out what really happened the night of May 2, 2011, is getting dirty.


The Fort Hood Shooter Can't Dodge the Death Penalty

Maj. Nidal Hasan won't be allowed to plead guilty to escape execution.


U.S. Ambassador Asks U.N. Colleagues to Stop Showing Up Drunk to Meetings

A "modest proposal" for making negotiating rooms "an inebriation-free zone."


Guantanamo Guard Fires 'Non-lethal' Round at Prisoner

January incident occurred at Camp 6, an area reserved for cooperative inmates.


Those Missing Drone Memos Are Now John Brennan's Worst Enemy

The Obama Administration thought the previously released documents on drones would be enough to satisfy members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.


'Zero Dark Thirty' Is Off the Hook with the Senate

The Senate Intelligence Committee has dropped its investigation into the movie.


Afghanistan Just Banned U.S. Troops from an Entire Province

Afghanistan's National Security Council ordered all NATO and American troops out of the Wardak Province following allegations that American Special Operations forces tortured and murdered locals.


Arms Sales Are Down for the First Time in Decades

Top 100 arms manufacturers worldwide saw a 5 percent decline in sales in 2011.


Hillary Clinton just quietly disbanded her presidential committee

Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign has paid off its debts and closed its doors.