White House

Trump: Workforce Orders Do Not Apply to Union Contracts Signed During Injunction

The Trump administration will honor collective bargaining agreements implemented during the 10-month period when key provisions of three controversial executive orders were blocked by a federal court decision.

A 'Staggering' 281 Lobbyists Have Worked in the Trump Administration

That’s one lobbyist for every 14 political appointees, and four times more than Obama appointed in half the time.

Former White House Officials Call Trump Administration’s Foreign Aid Process ‘Unconventional,’ But Legal

House Democrats have subpoenaed OMB and the Defense Department for documents related to the decision to withhold funding from Ukraine.

OPM Urges Agencies to Abandon Disciplinary Guidelines for Poor Performers

The Trump administration wants to give managers more discretion to pick an appropriate punishment for a given situation.

Democrats Subpoena Rick Perry for Documents Related to Impeachment Inquiry

The former Texas governor will have to hand over documents related to his involvement in the president's July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

OMB Touts Money and Time Saved From Regulatory Cuts, Eliminating Busywork 

President’s management agenda update highlights 100 “burden-reducing” initiatives. 

As Assault Begins, Trump Vows to Make Turkey Keep Its Word While Lawmakers Vow Punishment

The president said 'far more than sanctions' awaits Turkey if its assault taking over northern Syria is not 'as humane as possible.'

Federal Judge Threatens Education Secretary With Possible Jail Time

Government blames contractors partly for non-compliance with court orders. 

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The president said his energy secretary suggested he talk to the Ukrainian president. Perry, once Texas' governor, said his prodding was about energy and the economy — not the Bidens.

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American officials classify too much information, from the trivial to the politically inconvenient. The overreliance on secrecy invites abuse.

Trump Taps Former Corporate Lawyer to Lead Regulatory Rollbacks

Paul Ray has been the acting head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs for six months. 

‘It’s Hovering. It’s Like This Weight’: How the Clinton White House Handled Impeachment

Former staffers reflect on keeping a besieged administration from falling apart during a scandal.

Allies Defend Kurt Volker, Diplomat Caught Up in Ukrainegate

Former officials say that the characterization of Volker that has emerged in some press reports is untrue.