White House

Biden Targets Noncompete Agreements, Which Restrict the Job Opportunities of Millions of Low-Wage Workers

The president is asking the Federal Trade Commission to ban or limit their use as part of an executive order promoting competition.

White House Names Director to Oversee Federal Climate Report 

Allison Crimmins worked at the Environmental Protection Agency for 10 years. 

Biden Ousts Trump Holdovers from Social Security Administration

Removal of the agency’s leadership follows a Supreme Court decision finding that laws barring a president from firing political appointees without cause are unconstitutional.

Agencies Ramp Up COVID-19 Deployments Again to Address Outbreaks

White House launches “surge response teams” just as agencies were starting to bring back federal personnel.

GovExec Daily: How Biden is Managing Government So Far

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the administration's rollback of its predecessors' policies.

White House Moves to Bolster Wildland Firefighter Pay

President Biden previously expressed outrage that some federal firefighters make less than $15 per hour.

Women in the Biden White House Earn 99 Cents for Every $1 Earned by Men

The Biden White House has the narrowest wage gap since the country started tracking it in 1995, according to salary data released Thursday.

Biden Signs Sweeping Order to Improve Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Across Federal Workforce

All agencies will be required to submit a plan to improve their diversity initiatives, while OPM will be tasked with ensuring its various benefits programs are responsive to LGBTQ+ employees’ needs.

Afghanistan is ‘Not a Winnable War,’ White House Says as Taliban Storms Country

President Ghani leaves Washington empty handed, as Biden rejects Republican calls to reverse U.S. troop withdrawal.

Biden Doesn’t Have an Answer to America’s Crime Spike

The president has few levers he can pull on to reduce the country’s murder rate.

White House, Pentagon Finalizing Plans to Get Thousands of Interpreters out of Afghanistan

No decision yet on where and how Afghans and their families will be housed and fed as they await U.S. visas.

Biden Is Moving ‘Full Speed’ on Management Priorities Despite Key Vacancies

While several top management positions still await confirmed nominees, it hasn’t slowed the administration’s agenda, a senior White House official says.

Austin: I Support Taking Military Sex Crime Prosecutions Away From Chain of Command

Defense secretary breaks with Joint Chiefs after they warn that Sen. Gillibrand’s leading UCMJ reform bill goes too far.