VA Seeks 125% Increase in Diversity and Inclusion Counselors

Lawmakers, stakeholders note that the Veterans Affairs Department has a long way to go to ensure equity in its workforce, particularly within senior executive ranks.

VA Suicide Prevention Teams Report Burnout as Department Fails to Ensure Proper Staffing

VA and Congress are doing more to identify vets at risk for suicide, but not keeping pace with staffing.

VA Rolls Back Trump-era Workforce Policies

The Veterans Affairs Department is restoring its previous contract with AFGE, which allows access to official time and union office space in department facilities.

VA Is at a Crossroads As It Kicks Off BRAC-Style Review of Medical Facilities

A commission could soon recommend closures of VA medical facilities, or call for more of them.

Democrats Push to Grant VA Medical Professionals Full Union Rights

Federal law currently prevents Veterans Affairs Department medical workers from bargaining over matters related to patient care and clinical competence, although much is at the discretion of the VA secretary.

House Overwhelmingly Backs Expanding Who VA Vaccinates

Lawmakers look to further leverage the Veterans Affairs Department's successful vaccine rollout.

VA Touts Lower Employee COVID-19 Infection Rates, Improved PPE Supply

Officials praise VA workforce's resiliency as widespread vaccination leads to far fewer employees missing work.

Reflections on Public Service During a Pandemic

A conversation with Paul Lawrence, the former Under Secretary for Benefits at the Veterans Affairs Department.

Union: VA Continues Stonewalling Contract Negotiations Despite Biden Order

In the two weeks since President Biden signed an executive order instructing agencies to work collaboratively with labor groups, the VA has continued Trump-era tactics against its largest union, AFGE says.

Biden's VA Pick Says He Can 'Unstick Problems' Within the Bureaucracy

Denis McDonough pledges to continue the status quo on private sector health care and provide more resources for VA employees.

VA Expands Vaccination to Some Non-Health Care Staff as Postal Workers Face Uncertainty

Agencies have started vaccinations for more than 1 million people, but many federal workers have not received clear guidance.

VA Is Increasingly Leaning on Contract Nurses as COVID-19 Cases Surge

Employees lament staffing shortages even as VA has brought on 66,000 new workers since the novel coronavirus pandemic began.

Court Affirms Senior Executives in Government Have Only Limited Appeal Rights

Court also issues another defeat to President Trump's signature civil service reform law.

VA Flags Potential Staffing, Resource Hurdles in Vaccine Distribution

The department will start with a small distribution of doses, but expects a series of hurdles in inoculating its entire workforce and network.

Senators Raise Concerns Over Burrowing In, Other 'Midnight' Activities at VA

Rushed policies and hiring decisions "should be left to the incoming administration," lawmakers say.

Internal Documents Detail Who VA Will Vaccinate First

The Veterans Affairs Department's multi-tiered plan prioritizes delivering COVID-19 inoculations to high-risk staff and patients.