VA Is Much Slower at Setting Appointments When Sending Vets to the Private Sector for Care

The department is failing to meet its less ambitious goals for health care appointments outside its own system.

The House Passes a Bill to Give VA Medical Employees Greater Union Rights

The VA Employee Fairness Act would grant medical professionals the right to bargain over scheduling and official time, and to file grievances over pay disputes.

VA Hopes Its Staffing Progress Will Help With the Looming COVID Wave

Officials are still looking for new tools to staff up, including by removing a $400,000 annual pay cap for some employees.

'It's a Great Time' for Laid off Tech Workers to Take a Job at VA, Agency CIO Says

During a media call on Friday, the VA’s CIO and CTO discussed the department’s efforts to attract new talent amid thousands of layoffs across the tech sector.

Officials Seek to Reassure Lawmakers Skeptical VA Can Staff Up to Meet New Obligations

VA will soon provide new care and benefits to millions and lawmakers have concerns about its capacity.

VA Used COVID Relief Funds to Bolster IT and Digital Services

The VA used supplemental COVID funding from three different bills to support expanded telehealth services and remote operations during the worst of the pandemic.

Thousands of Veterans Deluge VA with Claims for Toxic Exposure Benefits, Health Care

The VA is processing claims at its fastest rate ever, as hundreds of thousands of veterans apply for health care under a toxic exposure law.

‘I Can Go Anywhere’: How Service Dogs Help Veterans With PTSD

The PAWS for Veterans Therapy Act means more veterans with symptoms of traumatic stress can get specially trained service dogs.

A Defense Policy Bill Amendment Would Establish a Veteran-Focused Cyber Training Program

A provision included in House and Senate legislation authorizing Defense Department spending for fiscal year 2023 would allow veterans and military spouses to receive cyber training “at no cost.”

The VA Gives Raises to 10,000 Nurses, Takes More Steps to Boost Recruiting and Retention

The department is looking to quickly implement a new suite of incentives aimed at making VA a more attractive place to work.

Blind to Problems: How VA’s Electronic Record System Shuts Out Visually Impaired Patients

Veterans Affairs’ electronic health records aren’t friendly to blind- and low-vision users, whether they’re patients or employees. It’s a microcosm of America’s health care system.

VA Acquisition Workforce Are Mostly Satisfied, Despite Reported Program Issues

A large majority of acquisition staff at the Department of Veterans Affairs said in a recent Government Accountability Office survey that they are satisfied in their current positions, despite continued issues with the VA’s acquisition programs.

Unions Are Making a Last-Ditch Effort to Expand Bargaining Rights for VA Medical Professionals

Labor leaders are urging lawmakers to vote to repeal a longstanding bar against negotiating over matters affecting patient care before the end of Congress’ session.

This is How DOJ Plans to Defend Feds Facing State Prosecution for Performing Abortions

The Biden administration has laid out its legal rationale to ensure federal employees are shielded from state laws banning the care.

A Disabled Veteran Has Waited 8 Years for a $1 Million Settlement From the Air Force

David P. Bighia had hoped to work at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio. Instead, he’s been fighting the Air Force as he faces home foreclosure.

A VA Official Has 'Deep Concerns' About the Agency's Electronic Health Record Deployment

But leadership at the agency pushed back against projected cost overruns and delays moving forward.