VA's tech training program for vets is up for renewal, but backers want more accountability

A provision in a recently introduced legislative package would extend VA’s VET-TEC training program through September 2026 while seeking to address employment disparities.

New bill would task VA with more actively promoting veteran transition assistance

The Informing VETS Act would require the department to regularly promote programs designed to assist veterans leaving military service and offer more comparison of information on educational benefits. 

DOD, VA need more data on how their toxic exposure tracking app is used, watchdog says

A report from the Government Accountability Office found that oversight of the joint system for centralizing toxic exposure records has fallen off, despite a growing influx of PACT Act-related claims.

VA says it's seeing more patients than ever and cutting wait times for them

Staffing and productivity gains will allow VA to continue functioning more efficiently while avoiding burnout, official says.

Memorial Day: A Reminder of Sacrifice and Vigilance

COMMENTARY | "It's not just a time to remember those who have died in service to our country; it is a time to reflect on the principles they fought to protect," writes one veteran. 

Biden to announce 1 million claims granted for VA benefits under toxic exposure law

The law has also led to more than 145,000 people enrolling in health care provided by the Veterans Affairs Department.

VA’s AI model to prevent suicides is a 'game changer,' official says

The REACH-VET program identifies roughly 6,700 retired servicemembers per month, according to a top lawmaker.

VA to review more previously awarded bonuses after improperly doling out $11M to execs

The department has used an “improper and overzealous application” of new authorities to give extra pay to certain employees, IG says.

Exposed to Agent Orange at U.S. bases, veterans face cancer without VA compensation

Mounting evidence shows that as far back as the 1950s, in an effort to kill the ubiquitous poison oak and other weeds at Fort Ord, the military experimented with and sprayed the powerful herbicide combination known colloquially as Agent Orange.

VA employee discipline back in the spotlight as lawmakers move new bills

Another measure would provide VA managers with more training on disciplining employees.

Senate Veterans’ Affairs chair calls for more mental health care providers in rural areas

Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., asked VA Secretary Denis McDonough to increase the number of providers and ensure they are “in locations where veterans need them most.”

VA is trimming its PACT Act claims backlog, but enrollees may be on the ‘low side’

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough says that the department is quickly processing new claims made by veterans exposed to toxic substances during their military service, thanks, in part, to robust hiring, but warns that those claims may not have hit their peak yet. 

Bill wants to solve the coverage gap for National Guard and reservists by extending VA eligibility

Legislation from Rep. Joe Neguse, D-Colo., proposes to expand VA health care benefits to personnel in the reserve components when not on active duty to help ensure “force readiness.”

VA claims appeal board errors are the target of a new House bill

The Veterans Claims Quality Improvement Act seeks to mitigate errors made by the Board of Veterans’ Appeals with new training, performance evaluations and required reports to Congress. 

Give administrative leave to veterans for VA appointments

COMMENTARY | This is a necessary step in honoring our veterans in federal service.

DOD, other agencies could better transition service members to civilian life

GAO officials said the Defense, Veterans Affairs and Labor departments could better collaborate to provide more at-risk veterans “warm handovers” to help transition them from military service to civilian life.