VA Will Provide Presumptive Disability Coverage to Vets with Respiratory Cancers

Veterans who have developed any number of nine rare cancers associated with burn pits will no longer have to prove that their conditions were caused during their service overseas.

VA Has Fired Just Six Employees Over Its COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

The department was carved out from an injunction on Biden's governmentwide mandate, offering a preview of how the soon-to-be-resumed requirement may play out.

Aviator Cancer Bill Would Push VA to Study Toxins Air Crews Faced, Assess Links to Cancers

Ground crew and flight crew cancers would be reviewed. So would the fuels, chemicals, and emissions they were exposed to.

Years After Scandal, the VA Is Still Reporting Misleading Medical Appointment Wait Times for Veterans

The department is not "clearly and accurately presenting" how long patients wait for appointments, IG says.

VA Begins Deploying Its New Electronic Healthcare System In Washington

After years of bureaucratic backlog, the VA is working to stand up the EHR system in two hospital clinics by the end of April.

The VA Proposes Closing a Dozen Hospitals, and Using Pay to Attract Workers to New Locations

Department also recommends closing 172 outpatient clinics, though it would build new nursing homes, hospitals and other health care facilities as well.

VA to Propose Closing Some Medical Centers and Outpatient Facilities

While Secretary Denis McDonough says VA will seek to maintain jobs, the union blasts the department's plan as privatization.

Lawmakers Eye Rolling Back Controversial VA Workforce Law, As the Department and Union Begin Negotiations

A bipartisan bill would effectively take two portions of the 2017 VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act that were nullified by federal courts off the books.

Unions are Urging the VA to Better Educate Employees About Their Rights Under COVID Law

Although Congress has approved a number of measures to help federal workers stay safe during the pandemic, labor groups say the Veterans Affairs Department has not adequately trained employees on those benefits.

Vista Modernization Still a Priority at VA, but Funding Is a Question

Two instances of the homegrown electronic health record have been moved to the cloud as part of a pilot project, but it's not clear if funding or support exists for more cloud migration as VA transitions to a commercial electronic health record.

The VA Wants to Help Native American Vets Better Access Their Benefits

As of October 2021, there were about 160,000 American Indians/Native Hawaiians/Alaska Natives veterans nationwide, according to VA officials.

Better Bonuses and Child Care Subsidies Are Coming to VA Employees

On Wednesday, Secretary Denis McDonough announced new steps to hire and retain workers amid unusually high turnover.

The VA’s Nurses Are One Step Closer to Getting a Big Pay Raise

Measure granting the raises passes a House committee, but loses bipartisan support after Republicans seek to block department’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.