AFGE wins two more union elections for federal workers stationed in Europe

Two separate groups of Defense Department employees stationed in Germany voted to join the nation’s largest federal employee union this week.

Biden’s FLRA nominees move closer to Senate confirmation

Senators appeared poised Wednesday to advance the nominations of aspiring leaders in labor-relations.

Employee groups laud Biden’s anti-Schedule F regulations

Unions and management organizations alike applauded the Office of Personnel Management’s effort to at least slow a future Republican administration’s efforts to strip federal employees of their civil service protections.

Special Counsel’s office cites whistleblower protections in immigration judge gag order

The Office of the Special Counsel highlighted its recent enforcement actions of Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act provisions to curb agency efforts to chill employee speech.

House conservatives recycle federal worker pay and benefit cuts in budget document

The Republican Study Committee’s fiscal 2025 budget plan would drastically cut federal workers’ retirement and health care benefits and end across-the-board annual pay hikes.

Amazon, SpaceX and other companies are arguing the government agency that has protected labor rights since 1935 is actually unconstitutional

The corporate attack on the National Labor Relations Board may be a response to growing support for unions.

OPM’s labor-management forum guidance charts new ground for union policies

Federal agencies will be expected to embrace the return of collaborative councils, where federal employee unions may weigh in on future workplace policies, and measure the forums’ impact on employee engagement, agency performance and cost savings.

Employees ratify TSA’s first union contract since rights expansion

The American Federation of Government Employees’ new collective bargaining agreement streamlines grievance and arbitration rules and greatly expands work-life balance policies like shift trading.

Biden order expands federal apprenticeships, reestablishes labor-management forums

Federal employee unions say the new order provides much-needed teeth to the president’s existing labor policies.

DOJ issues 'gag order' on immigration judges

Biden administration says the union representing the judges can no longer speak publicly without agency sign off.

FLRA: CBP owes backpay to officers denied nightwork premium pay

The chairwoman of the body that oversees federal sector labor issues also expressed an openness to revisiting the legal definition of repudiating a union contract.

Amid budget squeeze, FLRA panel regs encourage electronic documents filing

Less physical paper taken in by the board that settles bargaining-table disputes between unions and agencies will help streamline workloads as its parent agency reduces its office footprint due to budget woes.

Trump’s civil service plans unsettle labor leaders at start of campaign season

Lawmakers and leaders of the American Federation of Government Employees warned that the former president represents a “threat to democracy” at the union’s annual legislative conference.

O’Malley reduces telework for Social Security HQ, regional office staff

The new commissioner outlined a plan to create “core collaboration days” for members of management, while most frontline workers are seemingly spared from the cuts.

Feds get 7.4% pay raise under congressional Democrats' plan

Despite two years of federal employees receiving the highest pay increases in decades, the Federal Adjustment of Income Rates Act’s sponsors say the federal workforce continues to suffer from “chronic underinvestment.”

Senate panel advances watchdog, labor nominees

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee favorably reported four nominees for adjudicative agencies recently hamstrung by vacancy-related case backlogs to the Senate floor for final consideration.

Biden nominates OSC deputy to join FLRA

Biden’s previous choice to fill the last spot on the Federal Labor Relations Authority quietly withdrew from consideration last fall.