VA Rolls Back Trump-era Workforce Policies

The Veterans Affairs Department is restoring its previous contract with AFGE, which allows access to official time and union office space in department facilities.

Biden Names Acting FLRA General Counsel, Ending Critical Trump Era Vacancy

The agency responsible for administering federal labor law has been without a top lawyer for four years, significantly hamstringing its ability to hear labor-management disputes.

Democrats Push to Grant VA Medical Professionals Full Union Rights

Federal law currently prevents Veterans Affairs Department medical workers from bargaining over matters related to patient care and clinical competence, although much is at the discretion of the VA secretary.

GovExec Daily: Sick Leave For Feds and the Relief Bill

Erich Wagner joined the podcast to talk about the American Rescue Plan and other workforce stories.

NTEU to Push for Pay, Benefits, and Protections in 2021

National Treasury Employees Union National President Tony Reardon said that he has seen a “mixed bag” in terms of agency efforts to comply with President Biden’s workforce executive order.

Unions Dog SSA Leadership over Perceived Inaction on Workforce Order

More than a week after OPM issued guidance on reopening union contracts negotiated during the Trump administration, Social Security Administration officials are dragging their feet, union officials say.

GovExec Daily: How OPM Can Support the Workforce in the Biden Administration

Eric Katz talks to OPM's Rob Shriver about the future of feds as the White House looks to recenter civil servants.

House Democrats Join Chorus Calling for Changes at Social Security

The job security of the Trump-appointed administrator and deputy administrator of the Social Security Administration remains in doubt, as the Biden administration continues to oust holdover appointees elsewhere in the government.

OPM Instructs Agencies to Reopen Trump-era Union Contracts

Departments currently engaged in collective bargaining negotiations are expected to rescind proposals restricting unions’ access to official time, grievance proceedings and to begin bargaining “in good faith.”

Biden Rescinds Memo Granting Defense Secretary Authority to Ban Unions

Last year, then-President Trump granted the Defense secretary authority to strip Pentagon employees of their rights to bargain collectively, although it was never acted upon.

Advocates, Experts Urge More Protections for Feds Following Trump Workforce Initiatives

Union officials and good government experts said Congress needs more guardrails in place to protect the federal civil service, while a former Trump official defended the administration’s actions.

Union Announces 'Boldest Agenda' Yet to Strengthen Federal Employee Rights, Pay and Benefits

The president of the nation’s largest federal employee union forecast a “two-year window” to undo former President Trump’s workforce policies and expand workers’ collective bargaining rights.

Key Senator Lends Support to Effort to Oust Social Security Leadership

The chairman of a subcommittee overseeing the Social Security Administration has joined calls from labor and advocacy groups demanding that President Biden replace the agency’s top political appointees.

Federal Labor Authority Restores Dispute Resolution Office

Officials at FLRA, which governs labor-management relations in the federal government, said the decision will save agencies money by helping them avoid litigation.

Judge Rules He Lacks Jurisdiction to Hear Impasses Panel Case

U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols dismissed a lawsuit filed by a union representing VA employees challenging the appointment process for members of the Federal Service Impasses Panel.

Controversial EEOC Official Time Rule Caught Up in Biden ‘Midnight Regulations’ Freeze

The agency tasked with investigating employment discrimination said it is considering “next steps” after a planned rule ending union officials’ guaranteed access to official time to work on complaints was withdrawn following President Biden’s inauguration.