Trump Administration Looks to Decertify Vocal Federal Employee Union

The Justice Department says immigration law judges operate as managers, an argument the Federal Labor Relations Authority rejected in 2000.

USDA, Union Reach Deal to Ease Relocation Impact on Feds

Employees who agree to move to Kansas City will be given a financial incentive and a transition period of at least three months during which they can continue to work from Washington.

Social Security Administrator Institutes Partial Hiring Freeze

Unions say they have not been briefed on the measure, which applies to all headquarters components and regional offices.

Lawmaker on USDA Office Relocations: 'This Fight is Not Over'

Department officials reaffirmed they will allow employees to change their mind about whether to move to Kansas City until late September, but management has resisted setting that in stone.

Viewpoint: Now We Know the Real Reason for Agency Relocations

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney took disdain for the nation’s civil servants to a whole new level, says a federal union leader.

Senate Democrats Demand VA Return to Bargaining Table with Union

Lawmakers accuse department leadership of “anti-worker, anti-union” tactics.

Unions Urge Court Not to Lift Injunction on Workforce Executive Orders

Attorneys argue that the Justice Department failed to prove that the government would suffer “irreparable harm” if it had to wait 45 days before implementing the orders.

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USDA Employees Who Didn’t Already Opt to Move to Kansas City May Be Out of Luck

Department officials say July 15 was the hard and fast deadline to accept reassignments, despite previously indicating there was wiggle room until September.

Republican Lawmaker Seeks to Outlaw Official Time for Union Representational Work

Bill would end the longstanding practice by which union officials can do representational work during duty hours, although chances of it becoming law are low.

Senate Democrats Decry Social Security’s Playing Hardball with Administrative Law Judge Union

Lawmakers accuse management of a "deliberate attempt to reach an impasse" in contract negotiations.

Acting Labor Secretary Has a Long Paper Trail

Patrick Pizzella spelled out his positions on performance management, official time and accountability in a series of op-eds for Government Executive years ago.

Senate Panel Advances Key Labor Authority Nominee

One week following Catherine Bird’s confirmation hearing, a key committee voted along party lines in favor of her nomination.

Trump Administration Asks Court to Allow Agencies to Implement Workforce Orders Immediately

Government argues it would suffer “irreparable harm” if required to wait 45 days before an existing injunction against three controversial executive orders is lifted.

Union Challenge to Workforce Orders Could Take Years if Court Doesn’t Reconsider Its Decision

Administrative backlogs and agency vacancies make challenging the orders through three available avenues a daunting task.

More than Half of USDA Science Agency Employees May Leave Rather than Relocate

The union representing workers at the Economic Research Service and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture has requested a one-year period of full-time telework to ease the transition to Kansas City.