Biden Appoints Acting Labor Mediation Director, Demands Senate Action on Nominee

President Biden’s choice to lead the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service has languished awaiting a confirmation vote by the Senate since August.

Social Security Administration, Union Spar over Reentry Plans

Union officials say they suspect the agency is withholding details of its reentry plan to avoid having to negotiate over it, an accusation management denies.

GovExec Daily: Ahuja on Pay, COVID-19 and Hiring

The OPM chief joins the podcast again to discuss how to make the civil service younger, pay scales and how the COVID-19 rules are affecting federal employees.

Science Foundation and Union Clear the Air on Reentry, Remote Work Plans

In a message to employees, agency leaders provided a detailed timeline for returning to the office and implementing plans to adopt a hybrid work environment, and sought to assuage employee fears amid the rise of a new COVID variant.

Science Foundation Director Faces Employee Backlash Over Reentry Announcement

Union officials say the NSF director appears to be slow-walking implementation of a hybrid work environment, including remote work and telework, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden Administration Recognizes Immigration Judge Union, Reversing Trump Decision

Even under Biden, the Justice Department briefly argued against the judges' collective bargaining.

Union Files Another Legal Challenge to the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Feds

This came right before the Biden administration delayed penalties for failure to comply with the requirement. 

Why So Many Unions Oppose Vaccine Mandates – even when They Actually Support Them

The reasons have a lot to do with the nature of unions as representative of workers’ views, as well as the importance of protecting their right to bargain.

AFGE Calls on Administration to Delay Vaccine Mandate for Feds

The union’s leader said the recent delay in enforcement of the vaccine mandate for contractors sets up a “double standard” in federal workplaces.

Social Security Employees Slated to Return to Offices in January

Restrictions on telework and confusing vaccine rules for visitors to SSA offices rankle union officials, who have demanded to bargain over employees’ reentry to their traditional worksites.

Senate Panel Advances Labor Authority Nominees

President Biden’s picks to lead the agency that administers federal labor law were sent to the floor by a party-line vote Wednesday.

Bill to Expand Union Rights for State and Local Workers Puts FLRA in Charge of Enforcement

It is unclear whether the Federal Labor Relations Authority would require additional resources to carry out its proposed new duties, as the agency faces an extensive existing case backlog and staffing crunch.

Biden Admin. Suspends Immigration Judge Quotas, Prompting Similar Requests Elsewhere

Following news that the Justice Department will no longer enforce strict caseload quotas on immigration judges, administrative law judges at SSA called on the agency to suspend the requirement to schedule at least 50 disability cases per month.

House Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Overhaul Federal Firefighter Pay, Benefits

Under a new bipartisan bill, federal wildland firefighters would make at least $20 per hour.

Labor Authority Nominees Vow to Tackle Case Backlog That Flourished Under Trump

Unfair labor practice complaints stagnated for the last four years because the agency’s general counsel position sat vacant for the entirety of the previous administration.