OPM Seeks to Limit Back Pay Awards for Employees, Unions

Officials at the Office of Personnel Management want to upend a nearly 40-year-old set of regulations, restricting which actions are subject to grievances under the Back Pay Act, and banning unions from being awarded attorney's fees when their members win their cases.

Civil Rights Groups Pressure VA Ahead of GAO Racism Audit

GAO has agreed to investigate the prevalence racism at the Veterans Affairs Department after a survey revealed that the vast majority of bargaining unit employees had either experienced or witnessed acts of discrimination on the job.

GovExec Daily: The State of the Payroll Tax Deferral

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the latest pay and benefits news.

Lawmakers Revive Push to Make Feds’ Payroll Tax Deferral Optional

The effort to pressure the Trump administration into allowing federal employees to opt out of the controversial initiative to delay collection of Social Security taxes until next year is now bipartisan.

Labor Authority Abandons Decades of Precedent, Eviscerates Union Bargaining Rights

Across multiple decisions on Wednesday, the agency that governs federal sector labor law removed unions’ right to midterm bargaining and made it harder for unions to demand agencies bargain over changes to working conditions.

More Feds Subject to Mandatory Payroll Tax Deferral Than Initially Thought

The National Treasury Employees Union on Friday said that the Trump administration failed to clarify that the controversial initiative applies to those making $4,000 or less after several pre-tax deductions, not their gross pay.

Unions Dispute Government’s Latest Effort to Dismiss Impasse Panel Challenges

The Trump administration on Tuesday cited a federal appellate court decision affirming that claims against the president’s workforce executive orders must go through an administrative process to support dismissing lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of Federal Service Impasses Panel appointments, but unions say the cases are unrelated.

Arbitrator Finds Trump Workforce Orders Violate Law

An independent arbitrator ruled that the president cannot reduce the scope of bargaining between an agency and a labor group “by fiat.”

Union Asks OPM to Loosen Restrictions on Paid Parental Leave

Some requirements of the new benefit program are overly burdensome, particularly if a baby is born prematurely.

Payroll Tax Deferral Will Be Mandatory for Eligible Feds, Service Members

The Trump administration has ignored calls to allow federal employees to opt out of the planned deferral of Social Security taxes from lawmakers and federal employee groups.

Planned Payroll Tax Deferrals Create Minefield for Feds

If the deferment is made permanent, employees could see a lower payout in retirement; if not, employees could receive a large tax bill next year, union official says.

Social Security Denies Lake Charles Employees Weather and Safety Leave Despite Category 4 Hurricane

Just hours after Hurricane Laura made land fall along the western Louisiana coast, employees at the agency’s Lake Charles, La., field office were expected to work from hotel rooms after evacuating ahead of the storm.

Survey: Most Feds Who Have Been Working From Home During the Pandemic Are Afraid to Return to Their Offices

Nearly 80% of teleworking respondents to a new survey from AFGE said they don’t feel safe going back to their traditional worksite.

Labor Authority: Unions Can't Do 'Grassroots' Lobbying on Official Time

Although federal employee groups decried the decision, the Federal Labor Relations Authority stopped short of a conservative anti-labor organization's request to outlaw direct lobbying of lawmakers while on official time.

Union: Social Security Is Withholding Information and Refusing to Bargain as Some Employees Return to Offices

Agency argues most employees are still teleworking to the maximum extent possible and there has been no major change in work arrangements that would require negotiation.

AFGE Pushes for Workforce Protections in Defense Policy Bill Negotiations

The nation’s largest federal employee union urged lawmakers to include collective bargaining protections and fix a soon to be implemented paid parental leave law.

Administrative Law Judges Union Accuses Social Security of Illegal Implementation of Contract

SSA on Monday moved ahead with a partial collective bargaining agreement with the Association of Administrative Law Judges, despite the fact that nine articles remain in dispute, and the agency unilaterally rewrote an article without the union’s input.