OPM Urges Agencies to Abandon Disciplinary Guidelines for Poor Performers

The Trump administration wants to give managers more discretion to pick an appropriate punishment for a given situation.

Employees Report Threatening Anti-LGBT Harassment, Retaliation at National Science Foundation

An outside investigator recently substantiated allegations that a career manager made sexually explicit jokes and bullied LGBT employees.

HHS Engaged in Bad Faith Bargaining With Union, Arbitrator Finds

An independent arbitrator ordered the department and labor officials to return to the bargaining table, effectively invalidating a contract mandated by the Federal Service Impasses Panel.

Agencies May Now Enforce Trump’s Controversial Workforce Orders

An expired court injunction clears the way for the administration to significantly curtail the power of federal employee unions.

OPM Calls on Agencies to Streamline Federal Firing

Agencies have until March 2020 to eliminate “unnecessary barriers to addressing poor performance,” and even stricter rules are likely on the way.

Appeals Court Declines to Rehear Case Against Trump's Workforce Executive Orders

The decision marks a major blow to federal employee unions, which must now wait for agencies to implement three controversial executive orders and then challenge them before the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

Labor Groups and Lawmakers Vow to Fight 'All-out Assault' on Unions and Federal Employee Rights

Hundreds of federal workers rallied on Capitol Hill to protest the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back employee benefits and protections.

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Shorts Scare Could Mark New Front in Federal Labor-Management Conflict

Union leaders cancelled a passive protest scheduled for Monday but voted to take legal action after the Social Security Administration threatened to discipline employees.

Former VA Union Local Official Sentenced for Embezzlement

A former treasurer of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 331 pleaded guilty in May to stealing more than $80,000 from the union.

House Democrats Urge Leadership to Stand Firm on Union Protections in Spending Bills

More than 200 lawmakers insisted that appropriators protect a House-passed provision blocking agencies from implementing union contracts mandated by the Federal Service Impasses Panel.

Union Lawsuit Accuses Administration of Violating Injunction against Workforce Orders

A New York local argues that by implementing provisions of Trump’s workforce executive orders through collective bargaining, agencies violated a U.S. District Court injunction.

Unions Request Rehearing of Trump's Federal Workforce Orders Case

Attorneys argue that a three-judge panel erred in overturning an injunction against three controversial executive orders on jurisdictional grounds. The outcome could have enormous consequences for federal employees.

Sanders Campaign Proposes Granting Feds the Right to Strike

Workforce, labor experts suggest there may be better ways to improve federal employees’s bargaining rights.

New Lawsuit Argues Impasses Panel's Recent Decisions Are Illegitimate

Union argues the Federal Service Impasses Panel must have all seven members in order to issue decisions, and that panel appointees must be confirmed by the Senate.

Another Union Sues to Block Trump Workforce Orders

Although an injunction against the executive orders could soon be lifted, a federal lawsuit brought by a union representing Veterans Affairs employees in New York could prolong the Trump administration’s efforts to curtail collective bargaining activities.