Arbitrator: HHS Violated Labor Laws Implementing Union Contract

In May, the Health and Human Services Department implemented a Federal Service Impasses Panel decision, despite the fact that it was legally required to first negotiate six union contract provisions with the National Treasury Employees Union.

Lawmakers Accuse VA of Violating Bargaining Rules in Workforce Order Implementation

More than 70 House Democrats said the department must bargain with its union before it can implement President Trump’s controversial workforce executive orders.

Congress Will Not Block Mandated Union Contracts in Spending Bill

In a blow to labor groups, a provision blocking the implementation of collective bargaining agreements that have not been “mutually agreed to” by all parties does not appear in the final spending legislation.

New Bill Would ‘Close the Gap’ in Locality Pay for Some Federal Jobs

Legislation in both chambers of Congress would ensure General Schedule and Federal Wage System employees receive comparable locality pay.

EEOC Formally Proposes Ending Official Time for Union Reps

Federal employee unions have decried the effort to strip labor representatives of the right to use official time to help prepare discrimination complaints as an erosion of employee protections.

Democratic Senators Urge Social Security to Restore Telework

Lawmakers ask the agency to reconsider its decision to end a 6-year-old pilot program, citing concerns about the burden it places on employees and productivity.

Maryland Senator Says President is the 'Wild Card' in Spending Negotiations 

While Democrats and Republicans negotiate on appropriations, it’s unclear how the president will react. 

EPA, Union Reopen Negotiations After Agency Implements Unilateral Contract

Although the agency has promised to bargain “in good faith” with AFGE officials, the contract that evicted labor representatives from agency office space and gutted telework will remain in effect.

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Lawsuit Against Working During Shutdowns Presents a Potential Catch-22

A federal judge ruled it would be too disruptive to stop agencies from forcing employees to work without pay during a lapse in appropriations, but the Trump administration on Wednesday argued the case is now moot because government is open.

Court Affirms Agencies Don't Have to Negotiate Over Performance Appraisals

Management can shift the number of appraisal levels without bargaining with unions, court says.

OPM: Agencies Can Implement Workforce EOs at Some Agencies Without Bargaining

The Office of Personnel Management said agencies may unilaterally implement the provisions of three controversial executive orders, provided workers are operating under a contract that has been automatically renewed.

Lawmakers Demand Explanation for Social Security Telework Cuts

Friday marked the final day of a six-year-old telework pilot program for roughly 12,000 employees of the Social Security Administration’s operations agencies, after Commissioner Andrew Saul summarily ended it.

Senate Democrats Push for Union Protections in Spending Package

Language in a House-passed appropriations bill blocking implementation of union contracts imposed by a federal impasses panel remains subject to negotiation.

Oklahoma Social Security Employees Suffer Bedbugs, Air Quality Problems

Agency officials plan another effort to eradicate the pests this weekend, but a union demands workers be relocated.

Impasses Panel Gives Rare Win to Union on Telework

Just days after the Social Security Administration announced the impending end of a long-running telework pilot program for operations staff, the panel protected employees in the Office of Hearing Operations from a similar fate.

EEOC Plans to Stop Providing Official Time to Union Reps Governmentwide

In an internal draft of a rules change, the commission argues official time to work on EEOC complaints should be subject to agency collective bargaining negotiations, despite statutory protections.