GovExec Daily: How the Official Time Decision Will Affect Federal Employee Unions

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss how the EEOC ruling will affect feds.

Social Security Unions Urge Biden to Oust Agency Leadership on Day One

Although most political appointees are expected to resign ahead of the president-elect’s inauguration next week, the two top employees at the Social Security Administration have terms that run until 2025.

EEOC Cancels Official Time for Union Reps Across Government

In a party-line vote, commission members issued a final rule stripping union officials from access to official time to work on colleagues’ discrimination complaints and tried to exempt the regulation from the Congressional Review Act.

Advocacy Group Urges Biden to ‘Clean House’ at Social Security, Lessen Impact of Payroll Tax Deferral

Under a proposal floated by the organization Social Security Works, federal employees would have twice as long next year to pay back the payroll taxes they were forced to defer by the Trump administration.

House Democrat Calls on Labor Authority to Overturn 'Radical' Changes to Legal Precedent

The Federal Labor Relations Authority in recent months has issued several controversial decisions that have sharply shifted the balance of power in labor-management relationships toward agencies.

VA Asks for Broader Definition of Management in What Union Fears Is an Effort to Purge Members

Union officials said they fear the department’s request to the Federal Labor Relations Authority, combined with President Trump’s controversial Schedule F executive order, could amount to a last-minute effort to strip federal workers of collective bargaining rights.

Major Federal Employee Union Urges Biden to Restore Collaborative Labor Relations

NTEU publishes recommendations for the presidential transition, encouraging an end to President Trump’s antagonism of unions.

Federal Panel Strips VA Worker Rights in Latest Pro-Management Decision

Although the Federal Service Impasses Panel scolded VA for its overbroad reliance on management rights to eviscerate its contract with a labor union, the panel still ruled mostly in the department’s favor.

Rolling Back Trump Workforce Policies Won’t Be As Simple As Rescinding Executive Orders

President-elect Biden has vowed to rescind on his first day a series of Trump-era directives aimed at weakening federal labor unions and politicizing the civil service, but repairing the damage could take much longer.

Union: Social Security Biased Against Minorities in Performance Ratings

Although more than half of SSA’s frontline workers are minorities, they have accounted for less than 40% of top performance ratings doled out by the agency in recent years.

FLRA Overturns Its Own Regional Director, Busts Immigration Judges’ Union

The lone Democrat on the board of the agency tasked with administering federal labor law accused his colleagues of “sophistry” and “facetious” reasoning to strip more than 450 federal employees of their collective bargaining rights.

Coalition of 28 Labor Groups Urges Congress to Block Trump Order Creating Schedule F

Federal Worker Alliance sends a letter to Democratic appropriators urging them to include language in the next round of spending legislation to rescind President Trump’s executive order.

‘Stunning’ Executive Order Would Politicize Civil Service

President Trump signs directive that would potentially pull thousands of federal employees in "policy-making" positions out of the competitive service, making them at-will employees.

Impasses Panel, Union Debate Appellate Court Decision’s Impact on Appointments Challenge

Government attorneys cited a recent D.C. Circuit Court decision in support of the argument that appointees to the Federal Service Impasses Panel should not require Senate confirmation.

OPM Finalizes Rule on Trump Executive Order to Ease Firing and Discipline of Feds

Regulations set to go into effect next month will implement several key provisions of President Trump’s executive order.

White VA Employees Twice as Likely to Be Promoted as Black Workers

The American Federation of Government Employees said Thursday that new data it obtained via the Freedom of Information Act underscores its allegations of systemic racism pervading the Veterans Affairs Department.

OPM Seeks to Limit Back Pay Awards for Employees, Unions

Officials at the Office of Personnel Management want to upend a nearly 40-year-old set of regulations, restricting which actions are subject to grievances under the Back Pay Act, and banning unions from being awarded attorney's fees when their members win their cases.