Play of the Day: The President's Canceled Meeting With the Taliban

Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he decided against meeting with the terrorist organization.

Mexican Officials Say El Paso Massacre Was Terrorism Aimed At Their Citizens — And Vow To Be Part Of Investigation

The shooting, which killed 22 people, has reignited Mexican officials' criticism of what they consider lax U.S. gun laws.

Countries May Begin Backfilling U.S. Troops in Syria Within Weeks, Envoy Says

In an exclusive interview, Amb. Jim Jeffrey also confirmed a breakthrough agreement that could restart the Geneva peace process.

Pentagon Official: We Didn’t Link Iran to al-Qaeda In Hill Briefings

“In these briefings, none of the officials mentioned al-Qa'ida or the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force,” DASD Mick Mulroy said.

House Democrats Want To Ban Sending New Prisoners To Gitmo

President Trump has vowed to keep the facility open, promising on the campaign trail to fill it up with “bad dudes.”

FBI and Homeland Security Hit for Softpedaling White Supremacy Threat

Democrats press for details on budget and staff cuts during debate over hate crimes.

‘Thank You for Your Interest in the Islamic State’

I corresponded with John Walker Lindh, the American jihadist who is scheduled to be freed today. He’s unrepentant.

The FBI Has 850 Open Domestic Terrorism Investigations

Homegrown extremism is rising, one year after the Trump administration cut funding to programs that counter hate groups.

An American Citizen Tried to Join ISIS. Does That Make Him an ‘Enemy Combatant’?

The U.S. military quietly released “John Doe” last week after holding him in detention in Iraq for 13 months, with no charges.