Oversight In 'Extraordinary Times': A Q&A With the Executive Overseeing Pandemic Spending

Robert Westbrooks explains how the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee is keeping tabs on historic levels of emergency spending.

Senate GOP’s Coronavirus Relief Package Would Fund Controversial Plan to Rebuild FBI Headquarters in D.C.

The Trump administration in 2017 scrapped a decade-long plan to reconstruct the facility in the Washington suburbs. 

Inspector General for 2008 Economic Recovery Program Offers Lessons for Pandemic Oversight

“We'll do whatever we can to help [the special IG for pandemic recovery] be successful,” says Christy Goldsmith Romero in an interview with Government Executive.

Labor Dept IG Steps Down Following Pandemic Relief Fund Fraud Warning

“This decision has been long in the works and is for entirely personal reasons. I have not been told or asked to resign,” Scott Dahl said.

Senate Confirms Brian Miller to Be Pandemic Inspector General

The Senate voted 51-40 in favor of putting the White House lawyer and former GSA watchdog in charge of ensuring relief funds are not misspent.

Acting HHS Inspector General Outlines Plan To Review the Coronavirus Response

Christi Grimm says the president’s rebuke of a report from her office will not have a chilling effect on her work.  

TSP Announces Upcoming COVID-19 Loans, Withdrawals

New loan and withdrawal options enacted through the CARES Act will become available in June and July, respectively, while officials have noted other options for participants to access their money are already in place.

GOP-Led Committee Advances Nomination of Special Pandemic Recovery IG

Meanwhile, Democrats unleash a slew of proposals related to strengthening IGs and protecting their independence.  

Trump’s Nominee for Pandemic Recovery IG Draws Mixed Reviews Following Confirmation Hearing

Brian Miller is currently special assistant and senior associate counsel in the Office of White House Counsel.

IG Veteran Named Executive Director of Pandemic Oversight Committee 

The $2.2 trillion CARES Act established the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee. 

House Approves Creation of a Select Panel to Oversee Pandemic-Related Spending and Response 

Critics have said the committee will be duplicative, but one transparency expert said that "overlapping oversight jurisdictions can be a good thing if managed correctly."

Democratic Lawmakers Want Hazard Pay, Union Protections in Next COVID-19 Relief Bill

Letter to House leadership supports extra compensation, weather and safety leave, and other rights and benefits for frontline federal workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

OPM Issues Guidance on Additional Paid Sick Leave for Feds During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The federal government’s human resources agency confirmed this week that most federal workers are eligible to take up to two additional weeks of paid sick leave this year related to COVID-19.

Trump Administration Releases Guidance to Clarify Coronavirus Relief Act’s Contracting Provisions

Agencies can use CARES Act funds to reimburse contractors from March 27 to September 30, 2020.

White House Advises Agencies on COVID-19 Spending and Reporting

“Time is of the essence,” but “spending transparency and regular reporting will provide important accountability mechanisms to help safeguard taxpayer dollars,” the Office of Management and Budget said in a memo.

USPS Requests $75B in Emergency Funds to Keep Agency Alive

Without congressional intervention, Postal Service would "run out of cash" this fall.