Easing federal marijuana rules: There’s still a long way to go

The Drug Enforcement Administration typically looks at three factors when assessing how strictly to regulate a drug: its medicinal value, potential for abuse relative to other drugs and ability to cause physical addiction.

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Lawmakers are asking the USPS regulator to block DeJoy's latest price hikes

USPS is pursuing its largest rate increases since Louis DeJoy became postmaster general.


House bill targets AI-generated comments in rulemaking

The legislation looks to provide assurance that public comments on pending regulations come from real people.


USPS regulator weighs intervening on DeJoy reforms

The American people want to know "how to stop this decline" in mail service and "how to keep it from spreading," watchdog says.


Biden administration to roll back the Betsy DeVos Title IX rules

New Education Department regulations would undo Trump administration changes to sexual discrimination policies at U.S. colleges and universities, now requiring the schools to have in place measures to offer support to students and employees alleging discrimination.


OPM rule removes Social Security numbers from mailed documents

The federal HR agency finalized a rule Friday that would help prevent potential identity theft by restricting the inclusion of Social Security numbers in mailed documents and establishing criteria for protecting the information. 


Citizen oversight panels could make the federal rulemaking process more open and democratic

Juries render decisions on complex legal questions and could do the same as part of the regulatory process.


Nuclear regulators should weigh climate change risk to power plants, report says

A GAO report found the Nuclear Regulatory Commission needs to factor more risk from the impact of more extreme natural events in how it licenses the safety of power plants. 


Are the Build America rules slowing infrastructure progress?

State DOTs, transit agencies and the construction industry want the White House to make it easier to comply with rules designed to include American-made products in infrastructure projects.


Proposed contractor cyber reporting rule sets a ‘significantly problematic’ bar, industry groups say

The groups, which represent tech and cybersecurity companies sometimes contracted by the government, say the proposals are too rigorous and inconsistent.


USPS’ feud with its regulator escalates yet again

The Postal Service is so far declining to turn over information related to its operational and workforce reforms, while accusing the watchdog of killing new business deals.


A surprising history of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Once a leader in expanding civil rights, it's now a leader in limiting government power.


Supreme Court appears ready to end deference to federal agency expertise

The conservative majority is skeptical of a longstanding precedent that gives agencies latitude in setting regulations, and legal experts say it will take "miracle" to save it.


Feds tout pedestrian, cyclist safety measures in new road design rules

The Federal Highway Administration released long-awaited updates to its manual for traffic signs and road design. The newest edition comes as the country is in the throes of a major upswing in roadway deaths.


House approves bill adding more red tape to agency rulemaking process

The Biden administration opposes a measure requiring Senate-confirmed agency head approval of new regulations, arguing it would create a bureaucratic morass.


New bill seeks to codify Trump-era regulation cut rule

Rep. Mike Gallagher’s (R-Wisc.) legislation aims to make permanent the Trump executive order that sought to repeal two regulations for each one introduced.