Public Service Loan Forgiveness

House Lawmakers Have Proposed Restructuring Public Service Loan Forgiveness

A new bill would provide partial forgiveness for every year’s worth of loan repayments and expands what loans and repayment plans would qualify for the program.

Education Department Issues More Rules to Simplify Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Rules set to take effect next July expand which past loan repayments will apply for the program as well as simplify the employment certification process for some applicants.

The Education Department Announces More Tweaks to Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Although temporary measures making the program easier to access will be unavailable from November until next July, officials said they are prepping a new one-time adjustment for applicants involved in income-driven repayment plans.

OPM Authorized a New Way Agencies Can Help Feds with Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Federal agencies can now certify a Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program applicant’s past service elsewhere in the government.

More than 100 Lawmakers Urge the Biden Administration To Extend Public Service Loan Forgiveness Waivers

Although the Education Department has proposed regulations to make permanent many provisions of a temporary waiver program aimed at making the popular program easier to navigate, those rules won’t take effect until next year.

More than 110 Lawmakers Are Urging the Education Dept. to Extend Public Service Loan Forgiveness Waivers

Although the Biden administration has already begun work to make many recent changes that make the program easier to use permanent, those reforms won’t be implemented until next summer.

Here’s How It Could Get Easier to Qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

The Biden administration earlier this month announced a wholesale reform of a web of federal loan forgiveness, including a number of measures to make it easier for federal workers to make use of the historically headache-inducing programs.