Viewpoint: This is Not a Coup

The mob riot on the Capitol Building was disgusting, violent, and deadly. It’s still not a coup. And that matters.


OPM Failed to Issue Guidance for D.C. Federal Workers During Insurrection

There was substantial warning ahead of the arrival of the group that violently stormed the U.S. Capitol seeking to overturn the results of the presidential election.


Viewpoint: This Is a Coup

An armed mob has stormed the U.S. Capitol, using violence to stop the lawful certification of the Electoral College vote.


Right-Wing Extremists Storm U.S. Capitol

Tear gas in the Rotunda after Trump-incited insurrectionists overwhelm Capitol Police, disrupts election certification.


Coping with Transition Turbulence: A Survival Guide for Civil Servants

To state the obvious, these are not normal times. A veteran of five presidential transitions spells out the hard choices officials face today.


GovExec Daily: Feds' Anti-Gag Rights During the Transition

Government Accountability Project's Irvin McCullough and Aman Panjwani join the podcast to discuss whistleblower rights at the end of the Trump administration.


For Pentagon, Biden Picks Two Obama-era Policy Veterans to Help Austin

After passing on Flournoy, Biden taps Kathleen Hicks and Colin Kahl to be Austin's deputy defense secretary and undersecretary for policy.


6 Lessons From 2020 Federal Leaders Should Apply in the Months to Come

As the embers of the dumpster fire that was 2020 burn away, important lessons provide light for the way forward in 2021.


Biden Is on Track to Have a Record Number of Women in His Cabinet

Joe Biden has committed to having the most diverse Cabinet in history. It’s likely future presidents will be expected to match or increase representation.


America Needs a Strategic Plan

A divided, directionless nation yearns for its next moonshot.


The World That COVID Made: What Should American Foreign Policy Do?

The pandemic reminds us that "American leadership" is not a trite euphemism. It is arguably the single most important factor in whether the arc of history bends toward something better or something worse.


Biden Administration Likely To Increase Contracting Opportunities for Small and Minority-Owned Businesses 

The campaign outlined a $400 billion plan “to support small businesses and tackle inequities in the federal contracting system.” 


The Trump Administration’s Final Push to Make It Easier for Religious Employers to Discriminate

Last-minute policies on religious freedom clear the way for employers to hire on the basis of faith. Some of the changes won't be easy for Biden to undo.


Biden Blasts OMB and Defense Officials for Obstructing Transition

“It’s nothing short of irresponsible,” the president-elect said on Monday.


Federal Workforce Attrition Under the Trump Administration

Unusually high attrition among senior civil servants undermines the effectiveness of the federal workforce, a new analysis shows.