Senate Committees Advance Nominee for No. 2 Spot at OMB

The White House has yet to name a new pick for director after Neera Tanden withdrew last week.

OMB Nominees Pledge to Avoid Future Shutdowns, Improve Budget Stewardship

Biden’s picks for deputy director and deputy director for management told lawmakers they are committed to transparency and improving fiscal oversight.

OMB No. 2 Nominee Pledges to Restore Morale in the Federal Workforce 

"Often in these budget deals that come up, one of the main losers are federal workers," said Shalanda Young. 

Senior Biden Official Vows to Repair ‘Damage’ to Federal Workforce

The White House will unveil reforms in the forthcoming president's management agenda, OMB's director of performance management said on Monday.

Senate Committees Postpone Votes on Biden’s OMB Nominee

Alternatives to Neera Tanden are being floated, as her confirmation path gets more difficult. 

Two Moderate Senators Announce Opposition to Biden’s OMB Pick, Making Confirmation Path Trickier

Republican and Democratic senators condemned Neera Tanden’s partisan history and mean tweets.

Senators Reintroduce Bipartisan Bill to Increase Transparency of Federal Spending 

President Biden’s nominee for OMB director testified she would champion transparency and oversight.

Biden's OMB Nominee Vows to Ensure Transparency and Government Efficiency 

Neera Tanden testified Tuesday for the first of two confirmation hearings. 

White House Directs Agencies to Revise Their Pandemic Plans

The “paramount concern is the health and safety of all federal employees, on-site contractors, and individuals interacting with the federal workforce,” OMB said. 

Restore Program Performance Data to the President’s Budget

The Trump Administration’s guidance to remove the data from the president’s budget is counterproductive—federal agencies should be increasing their use of performance information to improve results.

Biden Blasts OMB and Defense Officials for Obstructing Transition

“It’s nothing short of irresponsible,” the president-elect said on Monday.

Defense Policy Bill Includes Bipartisan Provision for Greater Transparency on Federal Spending

The bill will create a central inventory of spending information, which good government groups say is overdue.  

OMB Advises Agencies on Contractors’ Limiting Their Use of Foreign Workers

The agency issued a memo to supplement President Trump’s executive order in August. 

OMB Reportedly Designates 88% of Its Employees for Schedule F

One former official said the decision will make it harder, not easier, for presidents of both parties to implement their policy agendas in the future.

Regulatory Affairs Veteran Shares Insights on Trump’s Cutbacks and What Lies Ahead for Biden

"Judge the person relative to what you want them to do," said Jim Tozzi, on selecting a new Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs administrator. 

OMB Fails to Offer New Info in Payroll Tax Deferral Memo

Federal payroll processors are pushing ahead with the mandatory deferral of Social Security taxes between now and the end of the year, while warning employees that they will have to pay them back next year.