OMB Advises Agencies on Contractors’ Limiting Their Use of Foreign Workers

The agency issued a memo to supplement President Trump’s executive order in August. 

OMB Reportedly Designates 88% of Its Employees for Schedule F

One former official said the decision will make it harder, not easier, for presidents of both parties to implement their policy agendas in the future.

Regulatory Affairs Veteran Shares Insights on Trump’s Cutbacks and What Lies Ahead for Biden

"Judge the person relative to what you want them to do," said Jim Tozzi, on selecting a new Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs administrator. 

OMB Fails to Offer New Info in Payroll Tax Deferral Memo

Federal payroll processors are pushing ahead with the mandatory deferral of Social Security taxes between now and the end of the year, while warning employees that they will have to pay them back next year.

Senate Confirms Acting OMB Chief to Be Permanent Director

Russell Vought has said he will "be as responsive as we possibly can" to Congress and prioritize requests from overseers related to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

White House Gives Agencies 14 Days to Detail Their Plans to Slash Regulations

The Trump administration is doubling down on regulatory rollbacks as a way to spur the economy.

Legislation Seeks to Increase Transparency and Strengthen Congress’ Role in Federal Spending

Both parties have “encroached on the power of the purse,” said one senator, but “this has been acutely true under this administration.”

OMB Nominee Pledges to Work With Congress and GAO on Coronavirus Investigations

The Office of Management and Budget will “be as responsive as we possibly can,” said Russell Vought. 

White House Directs Agencies to Plan for Presidential Transition

Under the law, agencies have until Friday to designate career officials to oversee planning.

White House Advises Agencies on COVID-19 Spending and Reporting

“Time is of the essence,” but “spending transparency and regular reporting will provide important accountability mechanisms to help safeguard taxpayer dollars,” the Office of Management and Budget said in a memo.

White House Releases Coronavirus Guidance for Federal Contractors 

Directive comes as the Defense Department announced a contractor died over the weekend.

Lead Contractors Association Calls for Leave-Sharing Policy and Telework Guidance

Professional Services Council asks OMB and IRS to provide more direction during coronavirus outbreak. 

Trump Intends to Nominate Russell Vought for Permanent OMB Director

Vought has been the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget since January 2019.

New White House Guidance Says Agencies Should ‘Minimize Face-to-Face Interactions’

The Office of Management and Budget said the government must continue to operate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

White House Budget Office Wants to Know How You Would Make Contracting More Efficient 

The federal government is looking to reduce cost and time of procurements, like the private sector.