OMB should set office space benchmarks accounting for telework reality, GAO says

The watchdog followed up its September testimony on underutilized federal offices to call for the Office of Management and Budget to set the standard for optimizing federal real property portfolios in an increased telework environment. 

What does post-pandemic telework look like during a shutdown?

As agencies begin planning for funding to stop on Sept. 30, federal telework guidance will be tested in a post-COVID environment. 

'Long, long overdue': An oral history of the Government Performance and Results Act

Thirty years ago this month, a landmark piece of legislation aimed to change the very culture of the federal government.

It’s Been 6-Plus Years Without a Permanent Head of Governmentwide Financial Management

The last presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed controller at the Office of Management and Budget left in January 2017.

Rushing the Return to Office: Why Forcing Feds into In-Person Work Could Backfire

Agency leaders need to make informed, data-driven decisions about the path forward.

The Biden Administration Tells Agencies to Scale Back Telework

Federal employee unions and career agency HR leaders reportedly were left out of the development of a new Office of Management and Budget memo that instructs agencies to “substantially increase meaningful in-person work at federal offices.”

Biden's Regulatory Update is Finally Here

“These new steps will produce a more efficient, effective regulatory review process that will help improve peoples’ lives,” said the White House regulations chief.

OMB Failing to Set Cross-Agency IT Management Goals, Report Says

Administration officials disputed some of GAO's conclusions, noting that IT goals were embedded in other management agenda targets.

How do You Oversee Money That's Hard to Track?

The Project on Government Oversight's Dylan Hedtler-Gaudette joins the podcast to discuss how to minimize fraud in government spending.

We Finally Have a Confirmed Head of the White House Regulatory Office

The Senate approved Richard Revesz’s nomination by voice vote on Wednesday.

The Latest Improper Payment Numbers Are Here, But What Do They Mean?

The Office of Management and Budget published its annual governmentwide report on improper payments, but a fraud expert says they aren’t entirely reliable.

Biden’s Nominee to Become the Regulations Czar Goes to the Full Senate

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted 9-2 to report the nomination out of committee.

Biden's Push to Use Federal Spending to Support American Manufacturing Takes Effect

One OMB official says the new Made in America contracting rule is a “key part of the administration’s strategic approach to leveraging federal purchasing power to invest in American industry and all of America’s workers."

There’s a New Made in America Office Director

The office, created by President Biden shortly after taking office, is housed within the Office of Management and Budget.

OMB's 'Learning Agenda' Looks to Drive Government Innovation

The learning agenda, focused on the federal workforce, government service delivery and equity, is meant to spur research across government silos and spark innovation, according to the Office of Management and Budget.

OMB Prioritizes Customer Service in Budget Planning

The inclusion of customer experience and service delivery priorities in budget preparation guidance from OMB will likely get the attention of agencies as they prepare their budget requests for the next fiscal year, experts told FCW.