National Security

Viewpoint: Stop Denigrating the Civilian National Security Workforce and Fix It

To understaff and undermanage the military's civilian counterparts does our uniformed force an enormous disservice and undermines U.S. security.

What’s at Stake If Sen. Rand Paul Names the Ukraine Whistleblower

While there might not be legal implications, the move could hurt national security and have a chilling effect on future whistleblowers. 

Viewpoint: Robert O'Brien Should Have to Face Senate Confirmation

Requiring congressional approval would be good for Trump, good for his choice for national-security adviser, and good for the country.

Justice Department Charges Edward Snowden With Violating Non-Disclosure Agreements

Prosecutors are seeking to prevent the former NSA contractor from profiting from his unauthorized release of classified information.

The Ambassador From a Government That Doesn't Exist Yet

Carlos Vecchio and the Venezuelan opposition are betting on the Trump administration to help bring Nicolás Maduro’s reign to an end.

Trump’s Counter-Iran Moves Are Provocative, But They’re Not War

Truly bad messaging is undermining trust among allies and the American public — and increasing the chance of accidental escalation.

The CIA Presented a ‘Smoking Gun’ on Khashoggi. What’s the Senate Going to Do About it?

Lindsey Graham and others emerged from a CIA briefing convinced that Trump and SecDef Mattis are wrong about the murder.

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