National Security

U.S. Global Media Agency Vows to Help Locally Employed Staff Left in Afghanistan

Republican lawmaker says it is “disgraceful” that about 140 locally-employed media agency staff, plus their families, are still in the country after U.S. troops finished their withdrawal.

Biden Administration Ramps Up Civilian Feds Responding to Afghanistan Withdrawal Efforts

Federal employees are calling U.S. citizens in Afghanistan and vetting Afghans as Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline nears.

Administration Faces 'Massive Logistical Undertaking' in Afghanistan

Officials blame President Biden and his predecessors for failing to tackle foreseeable and longstanding problems with Afghan relocation program.

'We’re Preparing for the Worst-Case Scenarios'

U.S. Agency for Global Media says it "will not back down" in Afghanistan despite the danger.

After Trump ‘Chaos,’ National Security Council Seeks a Return to ‘Regular Order’

The Biden White House is reinvigorating an interagency process some argue had largely halted under the Trump administration.

FBI Association Says Director Wray Should Not Be Replaced Until His Term Is Up

The group that represents active and retired special agents sent letters to President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden making the case for continuity after the presidential election. 

House Democrats Renew Calls for Bill Giving Election Agency More Funding and Responsibility 

The “For the People Act” would bolster funding and responsibilities for the Election Assistance Commission.

Former National Security Officials from Republican Administrations Endorse Biden

The 73 former officials and lawmakers say Trump is a danger to the nation through his words and actions. 

Why U.S. Troops are Pulling Back All Over Iraq

American forces have begun consolidating at better-protected bases as a new Iraqi prime minister-designate tries to form a government.

Analysis: There’s No Easy Exit for the U.S. in Afghanistan

The U.S. is taking an untraditional approach in its peace talks with the Taliban. The new deal does not contain many of the elements that are typically key to a successful peace negotiation.

Experts Call for Reform of Vacancies Act Following Trump’s Intelligence Director Nomination

Acting DNIs can “risk our national security with extended unqualified leadership,” said one expert.

Bill Would Require Frequent Congressional Testimony from Acting Defense and National Security Officials 

Trump administration's acting officials "limit congressional oversight of our national security," the measure's sponsor says. 

Should The U.S. Have a Secretary For Influence Operations?

Two former top special operations officials say their job was too junior and the Pentagon isn’t taking information warfare seriously enough.

Analysis: The Crime of Doing the Right Thing

The former National Security Council staffer Alexander Vindman joins the club of honorable people whom the president has targeted for telling the truth.

Questions Linger on How State Dept. Employees Will Carry Out New 'Birth Tourism' Policy

The rule "almost demands discrimination in order for it to be implemented," said an expert.