National Security

The Pentagon will create an office to monitor users and insider threats in the wake of leaks

Review came after a junior airman was charged with posting Ukraine war documents and other secret information online.

How The Exposure Of Highly Classified Documents Could Harm U.S. Security – And Why There Are Laws Against Storing Them Insecurely

The Espionage Act is much broader than traditional spying and includes the unauthorized possession, storage or disclosure of classified information.

Trump Indictments Won’t Keep Him From Presidential Race, But Will Make His Reelection Bid Much Harder

Because the Constitution does not require that the president be free from indictment, conviction or prison, it follows that a person under indictment or in prison may run for the office and may even serve as president.

Trump Indictment Unsealed – A Criminal Law Scholar Explains What The Charges Mean, And What Prosecutors Will Now Need To Prove

The 49-page document details how Trump kept classified government documents – including papers concerning U.S. nuclear capabilities – scattered in boxes across his home at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, long after his presidency ended in 2021 and the government tried to reclaim them.

TSA Says Its Drone Program Won’t Collect Much Info on the Public

The agency is going to use drones to conduct security assessments at airports, transportation incidents and large security events.

Marines Update Evacuation Playbook

A pre-deployment exercise allowed the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit to practice what they learned from the Afghanistan withdrawal and other non-combatant evacuation operations.

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Keep AI from Going Nuclear

This week, lawmakers reignited the legislative charge into investigating and regulating how automated and artificial intelligence systems will be implemented in crucial operations.

The Homeland Security Department Announces Its First-Ever AI Task Force

The department will look to better understand artificial intelligence and deploy it in security operations.

Tighten Access to Classified Info, Air Force Secretary Says

As the Pentagon responds to a classified document leak, officials should focus on enforcing “need to know,” according to Frank Kendall.

US Officials Charge Chinese Agents with Running ‘Secret Police Station’ in NYC

Prosecutors unveiled charges Monday against a “troll farm” and Chinese nationals who worked with a Zoom employee to crash meetings with U.S.-based dissidents.

New Federal Website Offers Grants Info and Research to Counter Domestic Terrorism 

The Homeland Security Department hopes a new website will serve as a one-stop shop for visitors aiming to prevent targeted violence and domestic terrorism with a slew of local and national federal resources.

National Security Compensation Sees a Significant Increase

With the economy under pressure from rising costs, people with active federal security clearances are pushing for higher compensation.

Breaking News

US Shoots Down ‘Objects’ Off Alaska Coast, Over Canada, Lake Huron

White House was worried object on Friday posed “potential hazard to civilian air traffic.”

The National Intelligence Director: Over-Classification Undermines Democracy

The ongoing investigations into handling of sensitive documents by former presidents and vice presidents have brought potential problems with the classification system back into the spotlight. 

‘Tis the Season: Holiday Hang-Ups That Can Hurt Your Cleared Career

Gone are the days when you could get a little too merry and hope your employer would never know.

Social Media Monitoring in the Security Clearance Process

What – if anything – is the government considering in an online search of security clearance applicants?