Management Matters

Confucius Has a Message for Leaders Who Want to Succeed: Reflect

The ancient Chinese teacher called reflection the best way to become wise, yet we rarely consider it a core trait of a great leader. It's time for that to change.

Managers Take Note: Less of You is Probably Enough

Your success isn’t directly correlated to how much time you spend telling people what to do.

It’s Time to Reform Intelligence Community Hiring Practices

“We have got to figure out how we can compete for talent more efficiently and effectively,” said Erin Reitkopp, human capital program manager at ODNI.

Performance Data Has Value Only When It's Used

Government employees learn very early there is an unwritten job description that delimits what they are expected to do.

Mixing Politics and Procurement Creates a Toxic Brew

If elected officials are allowed to influence government contracting decisions it won’t end well for the public.

You’re More Likely to Mess Things Up Without Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation messes with our 'placekeeping' ability, which makes us make more mistakes on tasks that have more than a few simple steps.

Here’s Where Robots Are Replacing Workers Fastest

A new report looks at "robot intensity" since the Great Recession and finds where robots are replacing workers at the highest rates.

Agencies Need to Plan for Vacancies in Rural Areas

In many regions with aging workforces, increasing salaries won’t be enough to fill federal job vacancies.

How to Tell if Your Digital Addiction Is Ruining Your Life

While there are negative impacts, many of the risks of too much screen time are overblown. A scholar who has studied the topic for years offers some tips for finding the right balance.

Featured eBooks

Viewpoint: Let’s Keep a Level Playing Field for TSP Investors

Participants in the federal employee retirement savings program deserve the same investment options as other Americans.

Behind Medicare for All: The Sleeper Issue No One Is Debating

If Medicare is expanded to cover all Americans, someone will have to do the back-office work the insurance companies now perform.

When Government Does Not Work: A Primer

A new book chronicles the Trump administration’s efforts to upend the U.S. immigration system.

Addressing the Crisis in American Governance

The National Academy of Public Administration launched its Grand Challenges initiative to tackle the most critical problems facing the nation.

Why You Need to Know What the Government Does With Your Data

Agencies share personally identifiable information with contractors—sometimes for good reasons—but there are serious risks associated with that, and we need guardrails.

Government’s Pay System is Badly Fragmented

Next year, the GS system—its management philosophy and administrative framework—will be 100 years old.

How Agency Leaders Can Turn Vision Into Action

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences is demonstrating how a functional strategic plan can serve as a powerful management tool.