Management Matters

GovExec Daily: How to Manage the Zoomers in Your Office

Kat Clowes and Robin Paggi join the podcast to discuss how to bring Gen Z workers into your workplace.

Why ‘Zoom Fatigue’ Is Worse For Women

New findings may clarify why women are suffering more from Zoom fatigue, or feeling worn out from lots of online video calls.

The End of Hygiene Theater

The CDC has finally said what scientists have been screaming for months: The coronavirus is overwhelmingly spread through the air, not via surfaces.

This Quick Morning Task Sparks Leadership Vibes

A quick reflection in the morning can leave you feeling like a leader at work, say researchers. Here are the prompts they suggest.

After Decades of Stasis, Federal Pay Policy Is a Shambles

The Biden administration has an opportunity to change that, a former Trump administration official argues.

Stop Blaming Tuskegee, Critics Say. It’s Not an ‘Excuse’ for Current Medical Racism.

When it comes to vaccine hesitancy, it's mainly academics and officials who are preoccupied with the history of the Tuskegee medical experiments.

3 Ways Employers Could Help Fight Vaccine Skepticism

Surveys suggest people trust companies more than government and the media, showing they have an important role in helping end the pandemic.

The Business Case for Investing in Human Capital Management

The payoff will be improved agency performance—and the gains could be significant.

The Pandemic Has Made Women Angry

As Gloria Steinem said, “The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.”

One Key to Making a Leadership Offsite a Success: Logic Models

It's a way to weave evidence into the agenda of a leadership strategy session, providing a real chance for actionable takeaways or recommendations.

Portrait of a Leader Humblebragging

In October, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a book-length ode to his leadership style. It has not aged well.

Go Ahead and Fail

Perfectionism can make you miserable. Here’s how you can muster the courage to mess up.

Why We Need to Focus on Pay Equity in Government

President Biden’s promise to “pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all” defines the goal.

Why Too Many Government Modernization Efforts Fail

Technology “solutions” almost never address the organizational issues critical to success.

How to Address the Question Every Program Manager Should Answer: Does It Work?

In one of his first actions, President Biden encouraged agency heads to support “evidence-building plans,” more commonly called “learning agendas.” Here’s the back story.

The Next Steps in Performance Management are Critical

The Biden administration should restore and stimulate performance management across the executive branch, encouraging managers doing the hard work of improvement.