Management Matters

The Next Steps in Performance Management are Critical

The Biden administration should restore and stimulate performance management across the executive branch, encouraging managers doing the hard work of improvement.

How the U.S. Mint Used the Shift to Remote Work to Reshape Its IT Mission

The pandemic upended operations, but that wasn’t entirely bad, says Chief Information Officer and acting Deputy Director Francis O’Hearn.

Talking Politics in 2021: Lessons on Humility and Truth-Seeking from Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin spoke and wrote in ways that, if taken up now, could begin to erode the polarization of the current era.

Setting the Stage for Improved Performance

The Biden administration has an opportunity to significantly change how government works.

Ten Years On, How Has the Federal Performance System Performed?

An early skeptic finds there’s evidence for optimism, and much the Biden administration can build on.

How Age Diversity in a Presidential Cabinet Could Affect Policies and Programs

Millennials and boomers advising Biden can look for common ground on climate change, student loan debt and other key issues.

Clicks on a Job Site Reveal Hiring Discrimination

A broad look at recruiters' actions on a job website reveals who experiences hiring discrimination and when, report researchers.

It’s ‘Back to the Future’ to Improve Agency Management Practices

Given the shift in workplace dynamics driven by the pandemic, creating a new bottom-up initiative with a focus on quality management may be what’s needed now.

The Regulator of Tomorrow

The challenge isn’t just how to regulate new technologies. Technology is changing the capabilities of regulators themselves in ways not previously imagined.

Biden's Opportunity to Make Performance Reporting Work a Lot Better

The White House should go beyond simply reversing what the previous administration did and use data to improve outcomes through true results-driven governance.

5 Ways Biden Can Help Rural America Thrive and Bridge the Rural-Urban Divide

A new federal antipoverty program for both rural and urban areas is part of the solution, but the power of Big Ag, lack of internet and struggling towns need attention, too.

Empowering Frontline Federal Workers

Change will require committed leadership. It’s a problem at all levels and in all functions.

Biden Will Form a Council Dedicated to Policy that Affects Women and Girls

“Too many women are struggling to make ends meet and support their families, and too many are lying awake at night worried about their children’s economic future,” he said.

Populism Erupts when People Feel Disconnected and Disrespected

Donald Trump has been a populist president. Understanding populism's roots in the U.S. and elsewhere is essential for addressing its rise and threat to democracy.

Bringing Transparency to Administrative Law Judge Dockets

The deputy secretary of Labor explains how the department is using data to improve operations and allocate resources.

Rebuilding Government as a Purpose-Driven Organization

An agency’s purpose should be the foundation for workforce management.

Federal Workforce Attrition Under the Trump Administration

Unusually high attrition among senior civil servants undermines the effectiveness of the federal workforce, a new analysis shows.