Management Matters

The Work to Make Government a DEI Model

It won’t be easy to execute Biden’s executive order to make federal employment fair and free of bias.

The U.S. Needs Another Innovation Dream Team

A comparison of the U.S. responses to World War II and the pandemic shows where we’ve gone wrong—and how to adjust course.

Building On Biden’s EO on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Research offers recommendations for improving transparency, access, recruitment and accountability.

GovExec Daily: How to Best Apply Performance Pressure

University of Georgia's Dr. Marie S. Mitchell joins the podcast to discuss how best to manage employees using challenging pressure against threatening pressure.

Biden’s Goal to Permanently Boost Support for Families Echoes a Failed Nixon Proposal from 50 Years Ago – Will It Take off This Time?

Starting in July 2021, most US families will get monthly payments from the IRS of either $250 or $300 per child under 18.

Transforming HR for the ‘New Normal’

Kiran Ahuja, the newly confirmed director of the Office of Personnel Management, faces a monumental task.

Sleep Troubles Now Linked to Cognitive Troubles Later

People who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep may have more problems remembering or concentrating more than a decade later, research shows.

Middle-Aged Americans Are Stressed and Struggle with Physical and Mental Health – Other Nations Do Better

Adults in Germany, South Korea and Mexico reported improvements in health, well-being and memory.

As More Climate Migrants Cross Borders Seeking Refuge, Laws Will Need to Adapt

Climate migrants don’t fit neatly into the legal definitions of refugee or migrant, and that can leave them in limbo. The Biden administration is debating how to identify and help them.

How Biden Can Strengthen the Federal Workforce

There is no better way to understand how the work experience has changed and how it can be improved than meeting with front line employees.

Restoring Trust in Government One Customer at a Time

Improving trust will require more than just improving services to citizens, but it’s a critical start.

How to be Inclusive of Employees with Mental Health Disabilities

The best way to honor Mental Health Awareness Month is to understand how your actions affect others.

What Introverts and Extroverts Can Learn From Each Other

Going against your instincts can help make you happier.

How a Key Tool Could Help Agencies Meet New Climate Goals

Climate councils can improve organizational flexibility and responsiveness as sustainability requirements evolve.

GovExec Daily: Are You Bringing Employees Back to an Unhealthy Workplace?

Michael Lee Stallard joins the podcast to discuss how to foster a better return to office.

The Foundation of the GS System Has Become a Sham

The failure of the job classification system affects every HR practice and puts billions of dollars in payroll in question.

Big Government Is Back. Is the Civil Service Ready?

The administration must seriously consider whether the civil service is equipped to effectively implement Biden’s vision. A new book offers guidance.