Management Matters

GovExec Daily: How to Stay Connected With Your Team

Michael Lee Stallard and Katharine P. Stallard join the podcast to talk about how to keep your team's spirits up while also staying on the same page.

COVID-19 Is Coinciding With a Loneliness Epidemic

It’s critically important to foster connection during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Carefree Amid a Contagion: How to Talk to COVID-19 Skeptics

As isolation becomes normal, its toll begins to emerge in more subtle ways, including on the body itself.

Workers Left out of Government and Business Response to the Coronavirus

If government and business collaborate with workers, a scholar of labor relations writes, current economic problems could get less severe, the recovery smoother and lasting prosperity more likely.

The Pivot: Leading Your Mission and Your People Through COVID-19

It is a greater risk to the mission to not consider workplace flexibilities that keep employees working.

Bonus Incentives Can Be Rewarding In More Ways Than One

People perform better when they have goals. They perform even better when they are members of a team working to achieve team goals.

How Leaders Can Help Reverse the Rise of Suicides in America

The CDC has adopted “connectedness” as a strategy to combat the factors that contribute to the high number of suicides in the United States.

For Federal Healthcare Agencies, a Case for Better AI Outcomes

As officials increasingly turn to algorithms for assistance, they should be wary of tools that make harnessing artificial intelligence look easy.

A Message for Trump: When Americans Lose Faith in Government, Presidents Pay a Price

The management failures that swirled around the government’s initial response to Katrina seriously damaged President Bush.

The Federal Government Should Go to War With the Coronavirus, Today

A bipartisan federal effort, leading to a military-style assault, is necessary to contain the virus that has the potential to infect 40%-70% of the world’s population within a year.  

Performance Management: An Emphasis on Learning

The trick is getting front-line managers to see value in fostering a learning-driven, problem-solving approach to improving performance.

No Matter What Happens In November, a Transition is Coming

Government leaders face enormous uncertainty in the coming months. It’s bound to be a wild ride.

What the Careers of Diplomats Can Teach the Rest of Government

Two recent books examine the lives and roles of foreign service officers.

Think the U.S. is More Polarized Than Ever? You Don’t Know History

A growing chorus of people say the U.S. has never been so politically divided. A Civil War historian reminds readers that there was once a far more divided time.

The President’s Management Agenda: A Work in Progress Two Decades On

A look back at the creation of the first PMA and the lessons for leaders today.

The Gig Economy and BLS Surveys

Government does not understand this growing segment of the labor force, and that affects federal pay.