Management Matters

GovExec Daily: Building a More Collaborative Intergovernmental System

The National Academy of Public Administration's Terry Gerton joins the podcast to discuss how to make it easier for levels of government to work together.

The Case for Building a Collaborative Intergovernmental System

No significant public initiative fits entirely within one government agency or even one level of government.

Why Are So Many Americans Leaving Their Jobs Right Now?

With Americans quitting their jobs and many more saying they're considering it, an expert breaks down what's behind "the Great Resignation."

The Pandemic Has Accelerated Government Innovation

It’s also changing—or should be changing—the nature of agency IT departments.

The Federal Pay Equity Quandary

Rebuilding the workforce will require a pay system that is seen as fair to highly qualified men and women. It also has to enable agencies to compete for talent.

Analysis: Why Refusing the COVID-19 Vaccine isn’t Just Immoral – it’s ‘un-American’

America’s founders accepted the reality of human selfishness. But, they also said people were capable of thinking for the good of the whole, which is necessary for a free society.

GovExec Daily: Emotional Leadership and Expression

The University of California-Riverside's Dr. Thomas Sy joins the podcast to discuss how management is perceived depending on emotional expression.

GovExec Daily: Emotional Compensation and Employee Retention

Michael Lee Stallard joins the podcast how to use connectedness to keep a workplace together.

Shrinking the Tax Gap Requires a Renewed IRS Workforce

Congress must give the agency statutory authority to develop and implement a new set of civil service rules if it is to hire and hold accountable employees with the necessary skills.

How ‘Degree Discrimination’ Can Affect Feds’ Pay

As long as the majority of federal positions require degrees, opening up opportunities to pursue higher education will be key to creating a more diverse workforce.

Why Women Need Male Allies in the Workplace – and Why Fighting Everyday Sexism Enriches Men Too

While women felt more included when they perceived male colleagues as allies, men who saw themselves that way reported more personal growth as a result.

How Agencies Can Maximize Year-End Spending

Investing in employees today is essential to meeting 2022 goals. Postponing it to the next fiscal year will be too late.

The Work to Make Government a DEI Model

It won’t be easy to execute Biden’s executive order to make federal employment fair and free of bias.

The U.S. Needs Another Innovation Dream Team

A comparison of the U.S. responses to World War II and the pandemic shows where we’ve gone wrong—and how to adjust course.

Building On Biden’s EO on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Research offers recommendations for improving transparency, access, recruitment and accountability.

GovExec Daily: How to Best Apply Performance Pressure

University of Georgia's Dr. Marie S. Mitchell joins the podcast to discuss how best to manage employees using challenging pressure against threatening pressure.