Management Matters

How Public Sector Women Lead

The Partnership for Public Service's Emily Kalnicky joins the podcast to discuss research on gender and leadership.

Why You Should Give the Gift of Mindfulness This New Year

Mindfulness can teach us to be more present – not just for ourselves, but also for our colleagues, friends and loved ones.

Changing Government Engagement in 2023

Four trends are showing improvements in the daily work of government employees.

How to Disagree without Fighting

Professor Dan Edelstein has five tips for how to disagree productively. Democracy depends on it, he says.

GovExec Daily: Learning from Elon Musk's Twitter Management Mistakes

TalenTrust's Kathleen Quinn Votaw joins the podcast to discuss leadership lessons from the Twitter takeover.

Air Pollution Harms the Brain and Mental Health, Too – a Large-Scale Analysis Documents Effects on Brain Regions Associated with Emotions

In a systematic review of existing studies, researchers found that air pollution such as fine particulate matter can interfere with regions of the brain responsible for emotional regulation.

Voter Intimidation in 2022 Follows a Long History of Illegal, and Racist, Bullying

Any behavior reasonably calculated to dissuade a person from participating in an election is intimidation.

Business Management Doesn’t Always Have to Be about Capitalism – This Course Shows How It Can also Be a Calling

Is business education too focused on money and not humanity? A business professor weighs in.

Conspiracy Theories, Records Requests and Lies: What Running An Election Looks like Right Now

The predominantly women-led election administration workforce is still dealing with a skeptical public as they administer early voting and prepare for Election Day.

GovExec Daily: Diversity and Inclusion Are Key Parts of Modern Management

Author, CEO and businessman Donald Thompson joins the podcast to discuss how organizations can bring DEI into their work.

Most Voters Skipped ‘In Person on Election Day’ when Offered a Choice of How and When to Vote

Nearly two-thirds of all votes cast in the 2020 presidential election were made through early in-person voting or by mail, rather than by people who visited their local polling places on Election Day.

Managers, Err On The Side Of Too Much Communication

It's better for managers to give employees too much communication than too little, researchers report.

Response to Environmental Damage Hints at Your Empathy Overall

People who have a less emotional response to seeing images of environmental destruction are also less emotional and empathetic generally, research finds.

GovExec Daily: The State of The Economy and Inflation

The University of New Haven's Leah Hartman joins podcast to discuss inflation and the state of the American economy.

GovExec Daily: Getting Things Done in a Bureaucracy

Former agency officials Marina Nitze and Nick Sinai join the podcast to discuss their new book.

What’s Next after the FBI Search of Trump’s Residence?

"What we do know is that they were executing a search warrant that suggested they had probable cause to believe that evidence would be found for three different crimes."

Do Some 9/11 Responders Have a New Kind of Dementia?

World Trade Center responders who have PTSD may have a new, specific form of dementia, a new study suggests.