Management Matters

Do Some 9/11 Responders Have a New Kind of Dementia?

World Trade Center responders who have PTSD may have a new, specific form of dementia, a new study suggests.

Recruiting the ‘Essential Workers of Democracy’: Group Aims to Sign up Poll Workers Ahead of Midterms

Power the Polls helped recruit poll workers during a global pandemic in 2020. Now the nonprofit group is back to help election administrators address new challenges.

GovExec Daily: How Managers Can Avoid Self-Sabotage

McKinsey's J.R. Maxwell and Sarah Kleinman join the podcast to discuss their new report.

Commentary: Your Plane Landed Safely — Thank the Bureaucrats at the FAA

The "administrative state" is not as scary as it sounds.

GovExec Daily: How the Pandemic and Economic Climate Has Affected Women

The National Women's Business Council's Pamela Prince-Eason joins the podcast to discuss how inflation and other factors have impacted entrepreneurs.

GovExec Daily: The Pendulum Shifts Toward Workers

Wharton's Stephanie Creary joins the podcast to discuss the management-labor dynamic emerging from the pandemic period.

A Deep Dive Into the Widening Mortality Gap Across the Political Aisle

New research examines how an area’s political environment can affect its mortality rate.

GovExec Daily: Fixing Culture Clashes in the Office

Dr. Lee Frederiksen joins the podcast to discuss a new report about workplace culture.

Narcissistic Bosses Impede Flow of Knowledge

New findings show how knowledge-sharing can suffer under the reign of a narcissistic boss.

How Process Mining Uncovers Workflow Bottlenecks

Understanding how processes operate across technology stacks and departments can help agencies weed out inefficiencies.

The Choice to Work: Jill Biden’s Biography Examines How the First Lady’s Teaching Career Redefines Her Office

In continuing to work outside the White House, the first lady establishes a household that better reflects that of many American families. Historians say it’s about time.

How Managers Can Become More Effective Leaders

A new report from Gallup identifies seven leadership traits found among managers of high performing teams, and offers tips for how to develop these skills.

Why Retiring from Politics is More Complicated for Women

Women in politics, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, face unique challenges when it comes to aging and family life.

Pandemic Decision-Making Is Difficult and Exhausting – Here’s the Psychology that Explains Why

People tend to dislike uncertainty and risk – two things that are hard to avoid completely during a pandemic. That’s part of why it can feel especially draining to make even small decisions these days.

To Reckon with Theft of Indigenous Land, Change Place Names

Researchers propose a path for reckoning with Indigenous sovereignty and U.S. public lands through place names in national parks

Scientists Identify the Missing Ingredient for Climate Action: Political Will

The IPCC's latest report finally recognizes the social barriers to climate action.

An Emphasis on Brilliance Creates a Toxic, Dog-Eat-Dog Workplace Atmosphere that Discourages Women

A focus on raw intellectual talent may unintentionally create a cutthroat workplace culture. New research suggests women’s preference to avoid that environment may contribute to gender gaps in some fields.