Management Matters

Government’s Pay System is Badly Fragmented

Next year, the GS system—its management philosophy and administrative framework—will be 100 years old.

How Agency Leaders Can Turn Vision Into Action

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences is demonstrating how a functional strategic plan can serve as a powerful management tool.

When Performance Goals Backfire

Ambitious goals can be motivational, but they also can incentivize unethical behavior.

Bosses Face More Discrimination if They Are Women – from Employees of Any Gender

Women in the workplace face discrimination at every level, including in upper management.

Tackling Both Sides of the Government Innovation Challenge

Bringing commercial technology into the federal market requires a comprehensive solution.

The Performance Management Alarms Keep Getting Louder

Government is overlooking a straightforward and inexpensive way to tackle its talent management problems—investing in middle managers.

A Quiet Legacy: The Bush Management Agenda Continues to Impact Government

Reform is inherently nonpartisan, and it’s important to keep moving the goal post.

People Are Increasingly Interrupted at Work, but It’s not All Bad

Interruptions are inevitable – but how they happen matters.

Featured eBooks

Metrics, Trust and Job Performance

High trust organizations are more productive and among the best places to work.

The Challenge of Managing Up

What’s interesting about Gen. Jim Mattis’ new book is not his views on leading others, but his discussion of his frustration with bosses above him.

Agencies Need More Flexibility to Fill Vacancies

The crisis at the Bureau of Prisons, highlighted by the suicide of Jeffery Epstein, is only the latest example confirming the civil service system needs to be reformed.

Before Trump Eyed Greenland: Here’s What Happened Last Time The U.S. Bought a Large Chunk Of The Arctic

In 1867, the U.S. bought Alaska from Tsar Alexander II for a tidy sum of $7.2 million. Trump probably wouldn't be able to get that kind of bargain for Greenland.

Fewer Health Troubles For Older Workers With The Right Job

When an older worker's cognitive abilities and the demands of the job don't suit each other, early retirement becomes more likely.

Change Implicit Bias, Change Behavior? Maybe Not

New research questions the assumed link between changing implicit bias and changing behavior. Instead, what about changing environments and stereotypes?