Management Matters

It’s Time for ‘Stakeholder Public Service’

A commitment to fairly serve all who have a stake in government—including employees—would serve the nation well.

To Find Success, Practice a Strategic Mindset

Experiments indicate that the learnable strategic mindset gets people where they want to go.

GovExec Daily: Change as Leadership Constant

Grant Thornton's Nina Kern joins the podcast to discuss why leadership can adapt to a constantly changing world.

Public Administrators and the Imperative for Social Equity

Multiple systems we helped build and operate have enabled, and far too often exacerbated, structural inequities that trace race and income lines.

This Upheaval Is How America Gets Better

What’s happening right now is the way the U.S. corrects its own wrongs.

The Best Way to Handle Your Decline Is to Confront It Head On

Much like contemplating death can neutralize the fear of it, it can help to acclimate yourself to the idea of losing professional skills before it happens.

The Pandemic Drove the Final Nail in the GS System

The government is confronted with a different workforce management reality than at any time in the past.

How Agencies Can Protect Fee-Funded Programs During the COVID-19 Crisis

Sudden reductions in customer demand is a current risk to many agencies at all levels of government.

COVID-19 Could Force a Rethink of America’s Safety Net

Will COVID-19 change the American social safety net? New research looks at history as a guide for how governments react to crises that expose inequality.

It’s Time to Recognize Employees Are Stakeholders in Good Government

The fact is, employees want their organization to be successful. They want to help sustain that success, and they want their value recognized.

Gen Z Doesn’t Want to Work for the Government

Here are three things agencies can do to appeal more to these young, tech-savvy workers.

Good Riddance to the Handshake

A terrible custom is gone for good. Hallelujah.

Advancing Science During a Public Health Crisis: An Interview with NSF’s Top HR Officer

“This pandemic has shown everyone that the nature of work is not where you work, but really what you do,” the National Science Foundation’s Wonzie Gardner says.

Many Agencies Aren’t Ready to Manage in a New World

A recent report provides a framework for improving management quality and ensuring better outcomes for federal programs.

How Will COVID-19 Change the World by 2025?

Coronavirus is changing life as we know it on a daily basis. But what will our world look like in the next five years? How will the pandemic permanently reshape our lives?

Will COVID-19 Disrupt Election Day 2020?

What if the nation is in the midst of another COVID-19 shutdown come Election Day in November? An expert weighs in.