Management Matters

How Managers Can Become More Effective Leaders

A new report from Gallup identifies seven leadership traits found among managers of high performing teams, and offers tips for how to develop these skills.

Why Retiring from Politics is More Complicated for Women

Women in politics, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, face unique challenges when it comes to aging and family life.

Pandemic Decision-Making Is Difficult and Exhausting – Here’s the Psychology that Explains Why

People tend to dislike uncertainty and risk – two things that are hard to avoid completely during a pandemic. That’s part of why it can feel especially draining to make even small decisions these days.

To Reckon with Theft of Indigenous Land, Change Place Names

Researchers propose a path for reckoning with Indigenous sovereignty and U.S. public lands through place names in national parks

Scientists Identify the Missing Ingredient for Climate Action: Political Will

The IPCC's latest report finally recognizes the social barriers to climate action.

An Emphasis on Brilliance Creates a Toxic, Dog-Eat-Dog Workplace Atmosphere that Discourages Women

A focus on raw intellectual talent may unintentionally create a cutthroat workplace culture. New research suggests women’s preference to avoid that environment may contribute to gender gaps in some fields.

Ukraine War and Anti-Russia Sanctions on Top of COVID-19 Mean even Worse Trouble Lies Ahead for Global Supply Chains

In the short term, the war is causing energy prices to soar and prompting fears of famine in some countries. In the long term, it could remake the modern global supply chain.

Putin, Zelenskyy and Biden All Have Unique Leadership Styles

The current conflict in Ukraine has three key leaders, each of whom uses a different approach to the crisis.

Cost Overruns and Delays for OPM's Trust Fund Modernization

OPM is working to modernize the legacy financial system that manages retirement, health benefits and life insurance programs, but it's behind schedule and over budget.

Your Sense of Privacy Evolved Over Millennia – that Puts You at Risk Today but Could Improve Technology Tomorrow

You have a finely honed sense of privacy in the physical world. But the sights and sounds you encounter online don’t help you detect risks and can even lull you into a false sense of security.

GovExec Daily: How High-Stress Leaders Can Balance Work and Life

Registered psychotherapist Paul Sheesley joins the podcast to discuss how to lead while managing emotional health.

Where Project Managers Go Wrong and What To Do About It

Despite training and good intentions, project managers often make the same mistakes over and over again. Here are some things you can do to improve your PM's performance.

How to Mentor Young Workers in a Remote World

As we approach year three of the pandemic, we need to (finally) change how we train people.

To Get People the Help They Need from the Government, Postcards May Be the Answer

Government agencies are setting up new websites and phone hotlines to provide information. But those might not be the best ways to engage with people who need help the most.

Can Biden Deliver Better ‘Customer Experience’ for Americans Than His Predecessors?

He is now the fifth president since Bill Clinton to announce a new customer focus for federal services.

How Biden Could Achieve His Management Priorities

Five things the administration could do to improve the odds of success.