The End of the Dan Coats Era

Whoever takes over from Coats permanently could serve as a needed voice of clarity about America’s biggest challenges—or see the intelligence community further sidelined.

Trump Ousts Would-Be Acting Spy Chief

Deputy DNI Susan Gordon was statutorily required to be elevated after DNI Coats resigned in July.

John Ratcliffe Will Not Become Director Of National Intelligence

President Donald Trump tweeted the news Friday afternoon.

Viewpoint: Trump Is Breaking the System of Political Appointments

There’s a tension built into the constitutional system—and the president is pushing it to the limit.

Dan Coats Spoke Truth to Trump. Now He’s Out.

The director of national intelligence won plaudits for plainly laying out the intelligence community’s assessments on issues ranging from Iran to Russia, putting him at odds with the president.

Viewpoint: An Invisible Government Agency Produces Crucial National Security Intelligence, But Is Anyone Listening?

The National Intelligence Council works inside government but is little understood outside. Yet it has helped respond to almost all the major foreign policy challenges of the last 40 years.

U.S. Intelligence Officials and Satellite Photos Detail Russian Military Buildup on Crimea

Five S-400 anti-aircraft missile batteries, plus additional troops and fighters, let Moscow better defend the Black Sea and threaten Europe and the Middle East.

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Trump Sides With North Korea Against the CIA

The president responded to reports that Kim Jong Un’s brother had been an American asset by reassuring the strongman he would not allow such spying in the future.

NSA-Cyber Command Chief Recommends No Split Until 2020: Sources

That’s another delay for a separation planned several Defense Secretaries ago.