The Intelligence Community Doesn’t Warn About All Attacks Against the US Homeland. Why Not?

A simple policy change could help defend America against threats to non-military targets.

Budding Spies Might Not Get Weeded Out for Past Drug Use

Activists say this would be a practical step to help ensure all the best candidates are getting considered for intelligence jobs. 

Is the Security Clearance Process Keeping Diverse Candidates from Fed Jobs?

There are very human, and very distinct elements to making the cut as a national security worker.

DHS Manipulated Report on Russian Election Interference During the Trump Administration, Watchdog Says

A 2020 report to state and local governments was delayed and altered, a new IG report finds.

Fixing The Security Clearance Process Has Not Been Forgotten

While security clearance topics might not be making headlines, the process – and how to improve it – remains a priority across government.

A House Lawmaker Has Proposed Strengthening a Council on Climate-Related Security Threats

The most recent annual threat assessment issued a dire warning about climate change. 

Marijuana Use ‘Remains Relevant, But Not Determinative’ for Security Clearances

The increasing number of states and localities that have decriminalized marijuana prompted a guidance update. 

The Pentagon’s New UFO Office Has a Specific Job

Defense leaders want to make sure they can spot and track “phenomena” trespassing over training ranges.

A Quartet of Warnings Highlight Climate-Related Threats

Agencies vow to heed climate change in all strategy planning, but experts say that won’t be enough.

Senator Seeks Information on ‘Rogue’ Commerce Department Unit

The Investigative and Threat Management Service is alleged to have targeted department employees and wrongly engaged in counterintelligence operations. 

After Nearly 60 Years, National Intelligence University Moves to ODNI

“We're one stop on that journey for developing that future officer, that future leader,” said the university president. 

CIA’s Last Classified Fax Machines Are About to Retire

A secure email system dubbed Gray Magic will replace the legendary analog technology.

Key Official: Defense Information Operations ‘Not Evolving Fast Enough’

China will soon harness AI to supplant Russia as the world leader in information warfare, a DIA leader said.

Putin Authorized Smear Campaign Against Biden, US Intelligence Concludes

Less hacking, more laundering: 2020 tactics show evolution of Russian information warfare efforts.

Splitting NSA, CyberCom Now Could Reduce Military Access to Intelligence, Milley Says

The Joint Chiefs chairman says the organizations have not yet worked out how to keep the data flowing after the long-awaited split.