Stone Knew About Wikileaks; Manafort Dished to Russian Intel, Senate Finds

After the Senate Intelligence Committee’s fifth and final report, Democrats still say collusion. Republicans still say no.

Top Pentagon Spokesman: No Conclusions Yet On Cause Of Beirut Explosion

Trump has claimed without evidence that the explosion might have been an “attack.”

Top Intel Democrat Demands Information On DHS Surveillance Of Protesters

Heavy-handed tactics by the DHS in Portland, where protests have gripped the city for almost two months, have drawn intense scrutiny in Washington.

Political Fight Over Russian Bounty on US Troops Appears to Warp Intel Debate

Democrats suspect the White House is trying to paint the assessment as less solid than it is.

Two Ways to Stop Secrecy from Undermining US National Security

Keeping America safe in the 21st century means sharing more information with allies and partners. Here’s how to start.

Was the Coronavirus Outbreak an Intelligence Failure?

Warnings about major disease outbreaks are supposed to come from national and international medical intelligence and surveillance agencies that most Americans have never heard of.

House Democrats Ask IC for Plans to Prevent Foreign Actors from Exploiting Racial Tensions

“Unfortunately, we know that foreign actors have historically sought to exploit tensions in American communities during times like these,” they wrote.

New Intelligence Chief Takes Over as Community Has Altered Work Operations for Pandemic 

Telework, staggered schedules and use of new technology are some of the ways intelligence officials are keeping themselves and the information they gather safe. 

Senate Intel Panel Advances Ratcliffe Nomination In Party-Line Vote

The former Texas prosecutor is a deeply controversial pick for the nation’s top spy.

A ‘Mass Breakout’ of ISIS from Syrian Prisons Remains a Risk, Pentagon Watchdog Says

The coalition has had “little or no direct access” to the facilities since Turkey’s October invasion.

FBI Got Everything It Asked for in DNC Investigation, Refuting ‘Missing Server’ Myth

New transcripts released by the House intelligence committee shed light on Russia’s interference in 2016 election.

Trump's Intelligence-Chief Nominee Vows to 'Speak Truth to Power'

GOP lawmakers are seeking to speed up Rep. John Ratcliffe’s nomination, but his careful answers did not appear to satisfy skeptics.

U.S. Intel Community Says Coronavirus Was Not Made In a Lab

The statement from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence comes after months of speculation and disinformation.

Weird Hours, Contractor Concerns: How the Intelligence Community Is Grappling with Coronavirus

Intelligence agencies are trying to adapt to social distancing guidelines, but that’s leaving many employees and contractors in limbo.