Inspectors General

Afghanistan Reconstruction Oversight Continues Despite U.S. Withdrawal 

“As long as there's money flowing, there's a need for oversight and SIGAR’s responsibility,” says John Sopko, special IG for Afghanistan reconstruction. 

FBI Agent Used Photos of Young Female Support Staff in Undercover Sex Stings

The images, of staffers not certified to work on undercover investigations, potentially put the women in danger, IG says.

DOJ Will Not Prosecute Trump Officials After IG Referred Findings of False Testimony on Census

Investigators verified that former Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross misled Congress, but the Justice Department said it won't pursue prosecution.

Inspector General Vindicates Top Global Media Agency Officials Suspended During Trump Administration

The situation was one of many controversial ones under the agency’s former CEO, who claims he was trying to “return this agency to fulfilling its legally mandated mission.” 

FDA Asks for IG Review on Alzheimer’s Drug Approval Process 

Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug has been the subject of much controversy. 

IG Vacancies Persist Under Biden Administration, Despite One Recent Confirmation

The president has four other nominees waiting, as observers continue to stress the need to have permanent leaders to oversee the distribution of billions of dollars in COVID-19 relief. 

Embattled Housing Finance Agency IG Steps Down

An IG oversight body found Laura Wertheimer “engaged in conduct that undermines the integrity reasonably expected of an IG.”

Lawmakers Advance Bills to Boost Federal Employee Protections, Agency Oversight

Republicans say measures would allow feds to "slow roll" policies and discourage individuals from joining government.

Top Republican Calls for IG Investigations Into Feds’ Telework Productivity During Pandemic

An oversight subcommittee ranking member, Jody Hice, blasted the White House for seeking a permanent increase in federal remote work without first seeking more data about the impact on agency missions.

Senator Seeks Probe Into Potential Civil Service Violations Under Biden

Top Banking Committee Republican is demanding answers from the administration and asking the IG for a full investigation.

Watchdog Warns of Possible Security Weaknesses at Some Federal Prisons

Inmate escapes put communities at risk and increase chances of smuggling contraband into facilities, said the Justice inspector general. 

Committee Advances Bill to Protect IGs from Political Retaliation 

The sweeping legislation addresses many issues raised during the Trump administration. 

OPM Failed to Notify Employees of Coworker COVID Infections, Require Mask-Wearing, IG Says

The watchdog said many of the problems related to the agency’s coronavirus response have been solved by a new workforce safety plan finalized earlier this year.