Pentagon Nominee Who Questioned Ukraine Aid Holdup Denies Report About Her Ouster

A story from the New York Post ignited speculation that Elaine McCusker’s nomination could be withdrawn. It’s not clear that’s the case. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class James Lee

Analysis: The Crime of Doing the Right Thing

The former National Security Council staffer Alexander Vindman joins the club of honorable people whom the president has targeted for telling the truth.

The White House Counsel Succumbs to Partisanship

During the process of impeachment, Pat Cipollone often appeared to be functioning as a member of the president’s political team.

Agency Officials Are Increasingly Retaliating Against Whistleblowers With Impunity, IG Says

Lawmakers and advocates say Trump's attacks on the whistleblower that kicked off his impeachment will have long-lasting negative effects.

Analysis: John Bolton Knows What He’s Doing

The former national security adviser’s secrets are valuable, and will come at a cost.

Viewpoint: Trump’s Defense Against Subpoenas Makes No Legal Sense

Like so many contentions of the president’s legal team, this is malarkey thinly draped with plausible-sounding distortions of facts, rules, court opinions, and the Constitution itself.

Analysis: After the Trial’s Over, President Trump’s Impeachment Battles Could Determine Who Holds Real Power in the U.S. Government

President Trump's likely to be acquitted by the Senate in his impeachment trial. But the impeachment's effects won't end until lawsuits are resolved.

Union Asks Judge to Suspend Guidance Limiting Discussion of Impeachment in Federal Offices

AFGE argues the 2018 Office of Special Counsel Hatch Act guidance infringes on federal workers' First Amendment rights.

And Now Over to You, John Roberts

The chief justice has as his task to preside over the senate trial ahead. But his role is a limited one, and he should be able to manage it easily without putting his or the Court’s legitimacy at risk.

Trump Becomes the Third President in U.S. History to Be Impeached

The voted capped a two-month investigation, but it was years in the making.

How to Conduct a Trial in the Senate

The Constitution does not provide procedural guidelines for how an impeachment trial is to be conducted—so the senators of 1868 had to figure it out as they went.

Analysis: In Impeachment Spotlight, Dueling Views of Professionalism Appear

Public officials are now in the spotlight: Does the public view them as professionals, bound by duty, or as elites who invoke ideals while pursuing their own agendas?

Analysis: Impeachment Gets Weird

Democratic Chairman Jerry Nadler virtually lost control of Monday's House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Analysis: The Legal Debate About Impeachment Is Over

The expert witness called by Republicans agreed that the quid pro quo—if proved—would be an impeachable act.

Democrats' Impeachment Report Cites Trump for Sidelining and Threatening Federal Employees

Republicans, meanwhile, issue report blaming "unelected bureaucrats" for pushing impeachment.

Why Trump (Probably) Won’t Ditch Rudy

The president’s personal lawyer is at the center of the House impeachment probe—perhaps too close to risk setting free.