Hatch Act

GovExec Daily: Roe Could Be Near Its End. Can Feds Join Protests?

Lindy Kyzer joins the show to discuss what the Hatch Act says about public political activity.

Can Feds Comment on Roe v. Wade?

The Hatch Act limits political speech, but not personal opinions expressed about politically charged topics.

Most Feds Won't Actually Be Able to Hold Partisan Office and Keep Their Day Jobs, Despite Precedent

Despite a new precedent, OSC does not plan to enter into settlement agreements in which civil servants can concurrently serve in partisan elected positions going forward.

Federal Employees Can Now Concurrently Hold Partisan Elected Office

Holding political office had previously been considered a violation of the Hatch Act.

13 Trump Officials Found to Have Violated the Hatch Act Ahead of 2020 Election

The Trump administration had a “willful disregard” for the law, Office of Special Counsel says.

GovExec Daily: The Hatch Act and the Biden Administration

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss a new complaint against White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Oversight Group Files Hatch Act Complaint Against White House Press Secretary

While not as “outrageous” as the Trump administration’s actions, that doesn’t “mean we should be casual about compliance with an important ethics law,” the group’s president says.

GovExec Daily: Why the 'Deep State' Doesn't Exist in the Civil Service

Guo Xu and Edoardo Teso join the podcast to discuss their paper "Ideology and Performance in Public Organization."

Oversight Agency Reaches 5 Settlements With Federal Employees for Hatch Act Violations

The violations were by Veterans Affairs Department, Federal Aviation Administration and Agriculture Department employees. 

White House Trade Adviser Violated Hatch Act Multiple Times, Watchdog Finds 

The Office of Special Counsel recommended disciplinary action, but the Trump administration has been weak on enforcing the law prohibiting political activity in the federal workplace. 

It’s Official: Feds Can Wear MAGA Hats to Work

The Office of Special Counsel issued post-Election Day guidance on Hatch Act compliance.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Headlines GOP Fundraiser as COVID-19 Cases Surge

Electioneering by a cabinet secretary is unusual by historical standards, but Trump administration officials continue to show no reluctance to play politics.

USDA Secretary Violated Hatch Act With August Speech, Watchdog Finds

Secretary Sonny Perdue needs to reimburse the taxpayers for costs associated with the speech, Office of Special Counsel says.

Trump’s Refusal to Commit to a Peaceful Transition Is a Wake Up Call for Civil Servants

Whistleblowers can play a critical role in the integrity of the election and its aftermath.

Viewpoint: We Need an Investigation of Hatch Act Crimes at the Republican National Convention

It is not enough for the Office of Special Counsel to investigate civil violations of the law.

Democrats Request Probe of Alleged Hatch Act Violations at Republican Convention

“We are particularly concerned with the consequences of White House actions on career employees who may have felt pressured to help organize and put on these events,” they wrote.

Feds Can Be Prosecuted for Hatch Act Violations, Though Pompeo and Wolf Are Likely in the Clear

Prosecutions would be possible for the Cabinet officials' non-appointed aides if they were deemed to have acted inappropriately.