Hatch Act

Democrats Request Probe of Alleged Hatch Act Violations at Republican Convention

“We are particularly concerned with the consequences of White House actions on career employees who may have felt pressured to help organize and put on these events,” they wrote.

Feds Can Be Prosecuted for Hatch Act Violations, Though Pompeo and Wolf Are Likely in the Clear

Prosecutions would be possible for the Cabinet officials' non-appointed aides if they were deemed to have acted inappropriately.

GovExec Daily: Reevaluating the Hatch Act

Citizen for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington's Donald K. Sherman joins the podcast to discuss the complexities surrounding the rule in the Trump era.

OSC Outlines Hatch Act Compliance Requirements for Convention Speech at White House

“If something falls into a gray zone, I recommend people seek OSC's Hatch Act advice before assuming something is either okay or a violation,” said a former OSC official.

It’s Illegal for Federal Officials to Campaign on the Job. Trump Staffers Keep Doing It Anyway.

Trump administration officials have been cited 13 times for violating the Hatch Act, a New Deal-era law prohibiting government officials from engaging in campaigning.

Court Dismisses Union’s Lawsuit Over Federal Employees’ Right to Talk ‘Impeachment’ and 'Resistance'  

Last year the American Federation of Government Employees sued the Office of Special Counsel over its Hatch Act guidance. 

GovExec Daily: Navigating the Hatch Act During the Current Era

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to examine how feds can navigate the current era and when they support issues-based causes.

Federal Employees May Wear or Display Black Lives Matter Paraphernalia at Work

The Office of Special Counsel released guidance on how the Hatch Act applies to the movement. 

GovExec Daily: Federal Employees, the Hatch Act and Protests

Sarah Martin, who represents employees in discrimination and whistleblower cases, joins the podcast to talk about how feds can stay within the bounds of the law.

What Feds Teleworking During the Pandemic Need to Know About Complying With the Hatch Act

Special counsel releases guidance on what counts as “on duty” while working from home, and what not to do during video conferences.

Union Asks Judge to Suspend Guidance Limiting Discussion of Impeachment in Federal Offices

AFGE argues the 2018 Office of Special Counsel Hatch Act guidance infringes on federal workers' First Amendment rights.

Energy Dept. Hatch Act Violator Agrees to Resign and Leave Government for at Least 3 Years 

The employee gave a congressional candidate special access to a radioactive waste treatment plant despite warnings this would violate ban on political activity while working. 

Special Counsel: Fed Gave Unauthorized Tour to Political Candidate

"The employee unilaterally used her official authority to further a political campaign," Hatch Act complaint says. 

Special Counsel Temporarily Suspends Knowing Hatch Act Violators Without Pay

The two Defense Logistics Agency employees were aware of the law limiting political activity and in one case had received extensive training.

Former Immigration Judge Punished for Hatch Act Violations

Merit Systems Protection Board imposes a $1,000 fine and 30-month debarment from federal service.