The First 100 Days

Biden Signs Executive Order to Promote Collective Bargaining

A new task force made up of federal agency heads is charged with identifying ways to encourage “worker empowerment,” including acting as a model employer that fosters unions at agencies.

Vanita Gupta Confirmed to Key Justice Department Job in Narrow Senate Vote

Gupta will be the first woman of color and civil rights attorney to serve as associate attorney general. Sen. Lisa Murkowski joined with Democrats in the vote.

Biden Appointments Signal Major Changes In Digital Operations and Acquisition

Early signs suggest federal agencies may be on the cusp of a significant leap forward.

GovExec Daily: What Does Biden's Budget Mean for Feds?

Courtney Bublé and Eric Katz join the podcast to discuss the administration's blueprint document.

The Biggest Agency and Program Winners in Biden’s FY 2022 Budget

The president's first budget provides significant funding boosts at nearly every agency across government.

Biden Proposes Major Spending Boost for Civilian Agencies in Fiscal 2022

The administration is requesting a 16% increase in non-defense discretionary funding to harness the government's power to solve multiple crises.

EPA Begins Rolling Back Trump-era Union Policies

The Environmental Protection Agency and the American Federation of Government Employees will revert in part to their previous 2007 contract, and the parties will begin negotiations on an entirely new contract later this year.

EPA Administrator Instructs Staff to Prioritize Environmental Justice

The directive furthers several executive orders and memos from President Biden. 

Biden Taps Former Missouri Secretary of State to Lead GSA 

Robin Carnahan also has previous leadership experience at the agency. 

Democrats Seek to Undo Six ‘Midnight’ Regulations

Sunday was the deadline under the Congressional Review Act.   

Biden Wants Corporations to Pay for His $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

The corporate tax was created on the principle that people and companies should be taxed based on what they receive in benefits – and US corporations have received an awful lot.

OPM Appointments Mark a Radical Shift in Agency's Role

The hiring of high-level executives from organized labor marks a return to federal employee unions having a seat at the table in the formulation of federal personnel policy.

Biden Proposes $28B to Revamp Federal Buildings, More for Electrified Federal Fleet

The $2 trillion infrastructure proposal includes reshaping how federal buildings are funded and a new directive for the Postal Service.

Thirty-Five Trump Appointees Have Converted to Career Federal Jobs Over the Last Year

Six more Trump-era politicals who sought to "burrow in" at the 11th hour are currently pending review.