Financial Management

Bill to 'Stop the Government Speak' in Agency Documents Clears Senate

The proposal would expand and update an existing law on plain language requirements for agencies.

A Federal Appeals Court Found the Consumer Protection Bureau’s Funding Structure is Unconstitutional

The agency, created in response to the 2008 financial crisis, has faced a slew of legal challenges. 

GovExec Daily: Don't Ignore Government Performance Metrics

Shelley Metzenbaum joins the podcast to discuss why more people should pay attention to performance reports.

Small Business Contract Awards Hit Record $154B

But fewer of those companies are entering the federal market or competing for the work, the Small Business Administration says.

OMB Unpauses Its Plan to Rethink the Federal Property Footprint

Agencies have a December deadline for developing real property capital plans. The administration wants them to think about how their property needs might change after COVID-19.

DOE Shares the Playbook for Energy Emergencies

The Energy Emergency Response Playbook for States and Territories is designed to help state officials respond to threats to the energy infrastructure from cyberattacks, man-made damage and weather-related incidents like drought, flooding, storms, extreme heat or earthquakes.

Rooting out Fraud in Government Programs

Machine-learning helps spot fraud, waste and abuse because it can not only automatically check massive amounts of data for signs of sketchy activity but also improve over time.

How the Service Academies Could Improve Defense Management

Why a disciplined study of the economics of national security should be required for future military leaders.

How Government Policies Inhibit Accurate Financial Reporting and Incur Vast Costs

There’s a clear case for reforming federal accounting standards and practices. Here are five places to start.

GovExec Daily: Ten Years of Federal Performance Management

Georgetown's Dr. Donald Moynihan joins the podcast to discuss the reasons for optimism after a decade of the Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act.

Watchdog: OMB Should Issue Guidance About Improper Payments With COVID Relief Funds

The full extent of the issue is not fully known yet, but there could be a “substantial” sum in mistaken payments, said the Government Accountability Office.

Biden Reportedly Will Nominate Janet Yellen to Become Nation’s First Female Treasury Secretary

If confirmed, Janet Yellen would be the first woman to ever hold the three most influential economic positions in U.S. government history.

Senator Questions Spending on Sea Lion Grants, Shutdowns and More 

Annual report identifies “wasteful” federal spending as well as solutions. 

Defense Department Fails Its Second Audit, Yet Is Making Progress

This was only the second audit completed for the Pentagon since a 1990 law required them.

Supreme Court Will Consider Whether Consumer Bureau’s Structure Is Constitutional

California-based law firm is arguing the bureau’s director has been given too much authority, violating the separation of powers.