Alaska and 9 other states threaten to sue EPA over wood-burning stove standards

The agency's 2015 standards are inadequately administered and allow substandard devices to be certified, thus creating more pollution and deceiving consumers, court filing argues.

Resource constraints led to EPA’s failure to address critical vulnerabilities in air and radiation data

The Environmental Protection Agency cited a lack of resources and the sheer volume of critical vulnerabilities as the reasons for its inability to patch its systems under federally required timeframes. 

The U.S. banned farmers from using a brain-harming pesticide on food. Why has it slowed a global ban?

When officials from around the world gathered in Rome last fall to consider whether to move forward with a proposed global ban on chlorpyrifos, the pesticide had a surprising defender: a senior official from the EPA.

How the Supreme Court’s West Virginia v. EPA Decision Will Upset the Administrative World

The ruling will likely sow confusion and gridlock, and shift the balance of power in an unintended way.

EPA Will Return to a ‘Hybrid’ Office in May

The agency and its union reached an agreement this month to begin bringing union workers back to facilities in May, albeit with expanded telework and remote work options.

EPA Administrator Instructs Staff to Prioritize Environmental Justice

The directive furthers several executive orders and memos from President Biden. 

Labor and Environmental Groups Optimistic Biden’s EPA Pick Can Rebuild Trust

Still, the nominee would have a lot of work ahead of him if confirmed, advocates note. 

Watchdog Finds EPA Reopening Plans Largely Follow CDC, But Were Inconsistent

The reopening process, a source of tension between the agency and its union, is a “significant challenge” for EPA, said the report. 

EPA Watchdog To Review the Agency’s Reopening Process

The return to offices during the pandemic has been a source of tension between the agency and its union.

How EPA Could Be More Transparent With the Public

Think tank suggests more support for the newly established C-suite level position of chief data officer. 

Lawmakers Demand Answers on Alleged EPA Ethics Violations

House overseers say they found multiple instances in which officials flouted required ethics pledges and other disclosures.

EPA Could Save Taxpayers Thousands of Dollars Through Stronger Oversight of Mobile Phones

The agency “missed an opportunity” to better use $12,000 spent over two years on unnecessary voice and data services, watchdog finds.