Agencies would see sped up transition timelines and more resources for career officials under bipartisan bill

The Senate measure would mark the latest in a series of updates to make presidential transitions more orderly and efficient.

House Dem sounds alarm about AI in political messaging

Rep. Yvette Clarke says 2024 “will be the first election cycle where AI-generated ads will be an integral part of how we do campaign advertising.”

Democrats call YouTube ‘extremely irresponsible’ for election misinformation rollback

YouTube’s decision to stop removing false content about previous U.S. elections “threatens to weaken our democracy,” several top Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee said in a letter to the platform’s leaders. 

Federal Employee Unions Endorse Biden for Reelection

Labor leaders described President Biden as “the most labor-friendly president in history.”

Trump: I’ll Make Feds Pass Test on Constitution to Keep Their Jobs

Former president previously said the document was “like a foreign language.” 

Here's How the Hatch Act Applies, With Biden Running for President Again

The Hatch Act limits the political activity of federal employees while on the job.

The Campaign Finance Agency’s Press Shop Can’t Confirm or Deny the Existence of Complaints Anymore

Critics say the change, approved by the FEC last week in a vote that was not entirely along party lines, raises concerns about transparency.

What Might a Second Biden Term Mean for Feds? Here’s a Look at The First

Revoking Schedule F, boosting diversity and equity, and restoring scientific integrity has been some of the Biden administration's accomplishments and goals.

Federal Agencies Lag in Registering Voters Despite Biden Executive Order, Advocates Say

15 Republican secretaries of state sent a letter to the White House, asking president to reverse order, which they said will produce duplicate registrations, confuse citizens

Could Biden Choose A New Running Mate In 2024?

Some Democrats say he should. Black women say he'd better not.

Feds Push Local Election Officials to Boost Security Ahead of 2024

Local election offices can be “target-rich, cyber-poor” entities."

Guardrails Are Needed to Help Protect the Integrity of the Post-Election Presidency

A few restrictions would help prevent aggrieved lame duck presidents from hijacking the functions of the executive branch.

Lawmaker Accuses USPS Employees of Stealing $20K in Campaign Contributions

Various postal entities are probing the matter, but have yet to find evidence of employee involvement.