Defense Workforce

‘What am I here for?’: Military families frustrated by delayed promotions, withheld raises and lives put on hold

For more than half a year, one Republican senator has blocked military promotions on the Senate floor over his disapproval of the Defense Department’s abortion policy.

Shutdown would be 'extremely disruptive' to defense production, workforce, acquisition chief says

“Can you imagine if the Chinese had something like this, where their government would shut down every few years?” Bill LaPlante said Tuesday.

Army recruiting: better than last year, still short of goal, officials say

The service inducted around 9,000 more new soldiers this year than in 2022, commander says.

The Space Force needs a brand-new culture of its own

It doesn’t do organized violence—and shouldn’t pretend that it does.

Veterans discharged under ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ are still fighting for justice — and benefits

The military banned openly LGBTQ+ service members — and denied thousands honorable discharges, restricting their access to federal programs designed to help veterans.

Despite major reform to military justice system, Navy still leaves public in dark

A new law enacts sweeping changes to make prosecutions for serious offenses like sexual assault or murder more fair. The Navy is still fighting a ProPublica lawsuit to make those court cases public.

Women face misogyny, barriers to promotion in special operations forces, US Army study says

The “very small percentage” of respondents who espoused such views included officers and senior enlisted leaders.

What military sexual-assault victims think of the new way cases are prosecuted

President Biden signed an executive order last month that removes legal decision-making authority from commanders for most serious crimes.

Pioneering study links testicular cancer among military personnel to ‘forever chemicals’

A new federal study for the first time shows a direct association between PFOS, a PFAS chemical, found in the blood of thousands of military personnel and testicular cancer.

Women and LGBTQ+ veterans say VA facilities ‘weren’t built with us in mind’

Women veterans are less likely to go to Veterans Affairs hospitals for health care due to harassment, stigma and a lack of resources and services.

1/4 of DOD cyber jobs are vacant. Here's the plan to fill them

Civilian cyber workers are the main challenge, as it's harder for DOD to attract and keep them.

Veterans exposed to burn pits, toxins urged to apply for retroactive benefits

Nearly a year ago, President Joe Biden signed the PACT Act, a law supporters describe as the largest expansion of veteran benefits in U.S. history.

Military Survivor Annuity Program finally offers long-promised open season to choose new beneficiaries

Some retired service members say they are either outright denied or given an impossible runaround when they try to update their elections, but Defense agency pushes back on those allegations.