Defense Workforce

The Army Increasingly Allows Soldiers Charged With Violent Crimes to Leave the Military Rather Than Face Trial

A federal watchdog called for ending the practice nearly 50 years ago, but the military pushed back. Now, soldiers leave the Army with a negative discharge, avoiding possible federal conviction and with little record of the allegations against them.

Union to Defense Chief: You Aren't Using Your Own Employees Enough to Help Meet Global Threats

AFGE called on the Biden administration and Congress to align the Federal Wage System’s locality pay map with that of the General Schedule and advance legislation to improve Defense Department civilian police pay.

Pentagon’s No. 2 Civilians Fire Back in ‘Woke’ Wars

“There's been no detraction from the primary mission,” Navy Undersecretary Erik Raven told dubious GOP senators.

‘Woke-ism’ Not an Issue, Top Military Leaders Say

Inclusion is actually a critical part of unit cohesion, Air Force chief and Marine commandant said.

Government Employees And Defense Contractors Still Have Got Bad Passwords, Report Says

According to new research, a majority of government employees with exposed passwords were found to have reused them across multiple accounts. 

There’s No ‘Easy Button’ for Cutting Government

As tempting as they are, across-the-board budget cuts and hiring freezes are the worst way to reduce the size and cost of the federal bureaucracy.

Air Force Must ‘Reintroduce’ Itself to America, Recruiting Service Commander Says

Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas says “declining familiarity with who we are” is partly to blame for recruiting problems.

Marines See Early Successes in Retention Push—and Ways to Do Better

Meanwhile, the commandant wants to bring skilled people into the Corps at advanced ranks.

Cutting Civilian Defense Jobs Won't Eliminate the Real Waste at the Pentagon, Union Says

If lawmakers want to find savings at the Pentagon, they should start with underperforming weapons systems and service contracts, AFGE officials said.

The Military Must Recruit More Women, Immigrants for the Future Force, Experts Say

At symposium on building the all-volunteer force of 2040, panelists push back on criticism of diversity initiatives.

Army Special Operators Seek to Reduce Suicide with ‘Bottom-Led’ Approach

Units have been ordered to develop anti-suicide efforts based on the USASOC's new strategy.

How the $857.9 Billion Annual Defense Bill Could Impact Women and Military Families

The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, includes provisions addressing sexual violence and challenges related to family relocation.

It’ll Be ‘Years’ Before the Pentagon Fully Implements Changes to Handling Sexual Assaults

Congress has directed several major changes to the way the military handles sexual assault. Officials say full implementation remains several years away.

Gillibrand Ditches Military-Services Style Cyber Academy Idea for DOD Scholarship Program in NDAA

The new plan proposed by the New York senator would offer cyber scholarships to students at colleges and universities, followed by DOD service.  

After a Spike in Sexual Assaults on Troops, Is Real Change on the Way?

The 2023 defense policy bill will close a prosecutorial loophole that advocates say has been preventing justice for victims of rape, harassment, and other crimes.

The Defense Department Finally Has a Permanent Watchdog

“I shall continue to be true to the principle of nonpartisanship that is a hallmark of the IG system,” Robert Storch said during his confirmation hearing.

Recruiting Crisis? Not at Space Force

The youngest and smallest service says it pays to be both choosy and inclusive.