Defense Workforce

One Army Command’s Plan for the ‘Future of Work’

“We want to provide the flexibility to our workforce to work where and when they're most productive,” says John Willison, a senior executive at the Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command.

Army to Open Centers For Reporting Sexual Assault, Harassment

The seven “fusion directorates” will be designed to preserve privacy and improve access to care.

Active-Duty Suicide Rate Hit Record High in 2020

The rate among soldiers was nearly double that of sailors, DOD’s annual suicide report found.

Is This the Next US Military Base in Europe?

Lithuania built Camp Herkus to woo a permanent contingent of American troops. But the Biden administration is far from convinced.

Racial Division, Troops’ Role in Protests Has Hurt Minority Recruiting, Air Force Says

Black interest in military service plummeted after the George Floyd protests. Can the Pentagon undo the damage?

30,177 Military Members Have Died by Suicide since 9/11. Why?

In the past 20 years, 30,177 active military and veterans of post-9/11 wars have committed suicide. That's four times as many deaths as those killed in action.

The Marines Are Looking for a Few Older People

The Corps’ shift to a lighter, distributed force requires skills and judgment that may be easier to recruit than build, training chief says.

Between Then and Now, They Did Not Die in Vain

I was among the first to parachute into Afghanistan in 2001. This is how I will remember the war.

One in Three Women in Air Force, Space Force Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

Inspector general investigation into gender, race disparities also found minorities, women far less likely to hold leadership posts.

Army Chief: We’re Not Pushing Critical Race Theory

“What we’re trying to build is teams where everyone treats everyone with respect,” McConville said.

The Pandemic Has Cost the Pentagon at Least $13.6B and Counting

And that figure could rise as the Defense Department starts mandatory COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated civilian workers.

'Dear America': Gold Star Families Want 'Archaic' Support Systems Fixed

The Pentagon team that manages them "have not protected us, and they have refused to listen."

GovExec Daily: How the Air Force is Building the 'Office of the Future'

Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center Vice Commander Col. Kevin Mantovani joins the podcast to discuss his office's new project for hybrid work.

Provisions Easing Firefighter Shift Trades and Equalizing Locality Pay Make It Into Major Defense Bill

The odds of two key priorities of federal employee unions becoming law shot up as they were attached to the fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act.

No US Military Dogs Were Left Behind in Afghanistan, DOD Says

Pentagon officials say the caged dogs in viral photos aren’t military working dogs, all of which were evacuated.

Annual Defense Policy Bill Includes Repeal of Two-Year Probationary Period for Pentagon Hires

The reduction of the probationary period to one year is among several provisions in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act that will affect civilian personnel.

The Future of Work Is Flexible

Even for national security workers, remote work options will be more prevalent in the post-COVID era.