Defense Workforce

No Abortion Access for 40 Percent of Female Troops, Study Finds

RAND says it’s “not unreasonable” that the lack of abortion access will make women more likely to leave service.

After Roe, ‘We Do Have Options’ to Avoid Anti-Abortion States, Army Chief Says

As ever, soldiers can indicate their station preferences—but the Army’s needs come first, Gen. McConville says.

Military Sexual Assaults Surged in 2021, Report Shows

Pentagon’s annual report also reveals that fewer people trust the military system for dealing with such assaults.

Army Prep Course Aims to Pull Youth Up to Recruiting Standards

Pilot program teaches students math, vocab, test-taking, and military discipline.

At Least One Major Agency Is Still Testing Unvaxxed Feds, Defying White House Policy

The Defense Department says it is still trying to figure out how to implement the new policy within its unique workforce.

Fail the Body-Fat Test, Marine? Ask for a High-Tech Recount

The Marine commandant says this and other new body-composition policies will help “maintain a healthy, ready force.”

A Union Is Urging Support for TSA Workforce Reform in the Defense Policy Bill

The American Federation of Government Employees also said they oppose a plan to delay the Defense Department’s return to one-year probationary periods for new employees.

Faced with a Rise of Extremism within Its Ranks, the Military Has Clamped down on Racist Speech, Including Retweets and Likes

For civilians, free speech is protected by the First Amendment. Not so in the U.S. military, where the rise of political extremism has become a problem.

Fixing Army Recruiting: Take Care of the Soldiers and their Families

Rather than read the Army’s recent call-to-arms memo, service leaders should focus on the recent Military Family Support Survey.

Dropping the Price Point for Doing Background Investigations May Help Improve Vetting

Reducing costs and improving investigation quality has been a key goal of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency.

The National Guard Is Considering a Major Expansion in the Indo-Pacific

In an interview, Gen. Dan Hokanson says Guard seeks to amplify its training presence because of China’s increased aggressiveness.

The Army Has a New Plan to ‘Transform’ Soldier Health Care with Technology

Service leaders will boost research into synthetic blood, quantum computing, and more.

GovExec Daily: The Defense Department Will Continue Reproductive Health Procedures

Jacqueline Feldscher joins the podcast to discuss how the Pentagon is treating the Dobbs decision and abortion at its facilities.

After Criticism, Army Reinstates Its High School Diploma Requirement as Recruitment Plummets

Service leaders offered to welcome more applicants without degrees, amid the “most challenging” recruiting environment since the Vietnam War.

Limited Abortions Will Continue On Defense Bases Despite Roe v. Wade Reversal

“There will be no interruption to this care,” the Pentagon said in a memo.