Defense Workforce

Task Force Gator Back to Training Ukrainians as Battle Rages For the Donbas

A Florida National Guard unit that withdrew just before Moscow invaded is back to teaching as Russia reveals its weak spots.

Reversing Roe Would Harm Military Readiness, Abortion-Rights Advocates Warn

“If a woman is considering enlisting, I would highly encourage her to rethink that choice,” said one veteran.

How Vanessa Guillén’s Murder Two Years Ago Changed the Military Justice System

“We don’t want to ever see something like what happened with my sister happen to any other victims,” Mayra Guillén told The 19th. A new bill aims to change how sexual harassment complaints are investigated in the military.

Military Sexual Assault Survivors and Advocates Demand Accountability in a ‘World of Predators’

Service members who report an attack have to navigate a system that does not necessarily protect them. A group of lawyers, advocates and survivors is joining the fight to change that policy.

In About-Face, Army Expects to Shrink Next Year

Chief of Staff McConville says recruiters need to reach families whose children have not served.

Senators Call for Ban on US Government Personnel Use of Chinese Ride-Sharing Apps

A pair of lawmakers want the departments of State and Defense to enact a global prohibition on U.S. diplomatic and military personnel from using digital transportation platforms like Didi Chuxing, a Chinese-based ride-sharing service growing in popularity around the world.

Army Replaces Decades-Old Fitness Test, But Keeps Age- and Gender-Based Scoring

Several years of experiments showed a single-standard approach to be detrimental to the overall force.

Teleworking DoD Civilians May Be Recalled to In-Person Work

Two years after the pandemic sent DOD into “maximum telework,” Thursday’s memo points the way toward a new new normal.

Fixing The Security Clearance Process Has Not Been Forgotten

While security clearance topics might not be making headlines, the process – and how to improve it – remains a priority across government.

Inside the Air Force Chief’s Mission for Racial Equity

“There's still a lot to do,’ said Gen. C.Q. Brown, ‘...we didn't get here overnight, we're not gonna get out of here overnight.”

Reports of Sexual Assault, Harassment at Military Academies Spike

The number of reports likely still represents only a small portion of actual instances of sexual assault and harassment.

Marines and Sailors Are Being Given More Time With Their Newborns

An extra week of leave for “secondary caregivers” may lead to a 3-month leave policy.

Democrats Ask Pentagon to End Birth Control Costs for Military Families

While active service members receive full contraceptive coverage, more than 700,000 military spouses and dependents of reproductive age still have copays for pills, implants, IUDs and other preventive measures.

The Pentagon Shifts to Maximum Telework as Omicron Surges

The Pentagon is urging personnel to use maximum telework as coronavirus infections spike in the Washington, D.C. region.

Navy to Start Ejecting Unvaccinated Sailors

Sailors can decide to get vaccinated at any point in the process to be retained.

Three Soldiers to Receive Medal of Honor

The awards are for actions during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

State Guards’ Vaccine Refusal Sets Up Fight with Feds

Six governors are rejecting the Pentagon’s order to inoculate their troops against COVID. Is a lawsuit next?