House panel advances bill to make federal contracting easier to understand

The Plain Language in Contracting Act would require agencies to use easy-to-understand language for certain procurement notices pertaining to small businesses.

New rule cements sustainability mandate for federal buyers

A new update to the Federal Acquisition Regulation is meant to help the government meet goals for net-zero procurement by 2050.

HHS removed Login from its grantee payment system after funding theft

Hackers used data from a federal contracting hub to steal funding from seven grantee organizations in an HHS breach that occurred last year. Both HHS and GSA say that was not compromised or connected to the theft.

Skills-based hiring for contractors advances in the House

The Allowing Contractors to Choose Employees for Select Skills Act would remove degree requirements from federal contract work in some instances.

Senate bill looks to chop through red tape in procurement

The bipartisan legislation aims to both expand access to special acquisition authorities and give new, innovative contractors more opportunities to work with the government.

Bill enhancing contractor whistleblower protections advances to the Senate

The bipartisan proposal would close loopholes that have left federal contractors vulnerable to retaliation.

Contracts featuring automation and built-in security can boost agencies’ cyber defenses, VA officials say

As the federal government looks to harden its cyber resilience, officials from the Veterans Affairs Department said agencies should work to modernize outdated technologies and ensure that vendor contracts include more rigorous security standards.

Biden administration to extend salary history ban to federal contractors

Officials said that new proposed regulations, released in conjunction with a final rule barring federal agencies from soliciting job applicants’ salary histories, will reduce pay disparities and improve the effectiveness of the federal contract workforce.

Bipartisan bill strives for ‘more nimble and meaningful’ federal contracting

Legislation from Sens. Gary Peters, D-Mich., and Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, would “streamline procedures” for both solicitation and awards by slimming down the procurement process.

White House looks to eliminate college degree requirements for cyber jobs with federal contractors

National Cyber Director Harry Coker also said Thursday that the federal government will be conducting a series of hiring sprints this year to fill seats.

In emails, a contractor tries to orchestrate a new federal transplant policy

The documents raise fresh questions about the Health and Human Services Department's ability to effectively oversee its transplant contractors.

The White House launches a contractor initiative centered on better data and performance

The Office of Management and Budget detailed an enterprise-wide government contracting plan Wednesday centered on data-based buying and projected to save $10 billion annually. 

A stopgap budget might be better for some civilian agencies than an appropriation

Professional Services Council President and CEO David Berteau said Thursday that the uncertain nature of budget negotiations and a looming spending cut baked into the debt ceiling deal means some agencies might be better off being funded at fiscal 2023 levels.

OIG: Eligibility gaps are a major challenge for SBA next year

A report outlining ongoing management and performance challenges for the Small Business Administration includes critiques of set-aside contracts versus the amount of contracting dollars actually headed to small businesses. 

With so many billions in buying, procurement needs a better dashboard

COMMENTARY | Procurement executives need a holistic view of their organizations' performance, argues one observer.

Ahead of shutdown, House and Senate Dems propose back pay for furloughed contractors

A similar effort to legislate back pay for contractors failed during the 2018-2019 shutdown.