Why People Resist Disaster Preparedness Spending

Some people may oppose disaster preparedness spending because it "only seems worthwhile to those personally affected by extreme weather events."

Pandemic Preparedness and Climate Change Are Among Federal Research Priorities For 2023

White House tells agencies to consider these and the other R&D priorities in developing their budget proposals. 

GovExec Daily: Secrecy Around Apportionments and the Budget

The Project on Government Oversight's Dylan Hedtler-Gaudette joins the podcast to discuss the secretive OMB spending process.

Republicans Throw Roadblocks Into Government Spending, Debt Ceiling Plans

Lawmakers have a long way to go to stave off a shutdown or fiscal calamity this fall.

GovExec Daily: A Minibus Pay Raise Update

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the latest pay and benefits news.

GovExec Daily: How CFOs See the Pandemic and Resiliency

Ann Ebberts of the Association of Government Accountants and Grant Thornton's Tony Scardino join the podcast to discuss a survey of government financial officials.

US Navy’s Shipbuilding Plan Doesn’t Meet Congress’ Needs, Lawmakers Say

The past few have come with a “check-the-box mentality,” Rep. Wittman said.

IRS Funding Surge Punted From Bipartisan Infrastructure Package

Democrats still plan to fund major hiring boost for the tax agency in another measure.

National Guard Scrambles for Funds After Congress Refuses to Cover Jan. 6-Related Costs

More than a half billion dollars in the hole, the Guard’s chief has ordered the heads of the Army and Air Guards to claw back money from state units.

GovExec Daily: How Federal Housing Policy Can Promote Climate Resiliency

Sarah Cunningham and Doug Criscitello join the podcast to discuss budgeting can work toward advances in equity and environmental justice that can result in broad economic growth.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo on the Fight to Pass Care Infrastructure: 'It Has to Happen'

Gina Raimondo came to the Biden administration in part to pass policies that support working women. In an exclusive interview with The 19th, Raimondo discusses the work she’s doing to make good on that promise.

FBI Director Makes the Case for Increased Staffing

He touts the bureau’s low attrition rate and high number of applicants. 

GovExec Daily: How Human Capital Officials See White House Budgets

Dr. Reginald Wells joins the podcast to discuss his experience with budget blueprints as Deputy Commissioner of the Social Security Administration’s Office of Human Resources.