Border Security

Expected Migrant Increase to Put Already Strained Federal Border Resources to the Test

With the policy known as Title 42 coming to an end, the Biden administration is turning to employees already "stressed beyond anything they have ever experienced."

Mayorkas in El Paso: U.S. Immigration System Is Broken

As El Paso struggled to cope with a growing migration crisis, the DHS chief said immigration and asylum systems were broken, but provided few public details of the administration’s plans to fix things.

House GOP Pledges to Prioritize More Border Personnel in New Congress

Republicans preview how they will address rising border crossings once they control the House.

DHS Is Deploying More Employees to the Border, and Some Are Growing Tired of It

Some deployments have become mandatory as the administration prepares for an expected uptick in work at the border.

Arizona's Governor and the Federal Government Are Battling Over Shipping Containers at the Border

Using old shipping containers isn’t a permanent or effective solution to secure the southern border, as state and Yuma officials know. Now, the political stunt is embroiled in a legal battle with the federal government.

Republicans Call for the Resignation of a Key DHS Official They Claim Is 'Unengaged'

The component chief is facing allegations of failing to engage with his agency and falling asleep during meetings.

Do U.S. Border Officials Ask Travelers if They’ve Had Abortions?

An Australian tourist alleged that a border official asked about her abortion history. The ACLU and other advocates are more concerned agents aren’t meeting the health needs of pregnant immigrants and infants in border facilities.

Federal Agencies Detail Their Priorities in Battling the Fentanyl Epidemic

Fentanyl seizures at the border have increased tenfold over the last three years.

The Biden Team Struggled to Implement New Immigration Policies Due to Poor Interagency Coordination

The administration was looking for quick solutions to handle historic upticks in migrants crossing the border.

Migrant Children at Fort Bliss Shelter Faced Distress, Long Release Waits

Inspector General report shows operational challenges within the Office of Refugee Resettlement and its contractor-run shelter in 2021

Border Agency Deactivates Regional Twitter Account that Promoted Homophobic Tweet

The agency shut down the Twitter account for its West Texas regional office, saying “unauthorized and inappropriate content” was posted on the account on Saturday.

GovExec Daily: Criminal Referrals at the Border and Immigration Policy

Syracuse University's Austin Kocher joins the podcast to his latest immigration research.

Report: Half of the Responders in Uvalde Were Feds but That Didn't Speed Up the Slow Response

A comprehensive examination of the incident finds law enforcement prioritized their own safety over the 21 shooting victims.

The Justice Department is Investigating Texas’ Operation Lone Star for Alleged Civil Rights Violations

Emails obtained by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune confirm that federal authorities are probing discrimination claims involving Gov. Greg Abbott’s multibillion-dollar border initiative.