Border Security

The Justice Department is Investigating Texas’ Operation Lone Star for Alleged Civil Rights Violations

Emails obtained by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune confirm that federal authorities are probing discrimination claims involving Gov. Greg Abbott’s multibillion-dollar border initiative.

Biden Announces 'Unprecedented' Federal Deployments to Crack Down on Human Smuggling

The president also vows to dramatically increase refugee resettlements from the Americas despite his administration's failures to date.

Why Federal Agents Were the First on the Scene to Kill the School Shooter in Texas

Current and former officials explain why it is common for DHS personnel to respond in some local emergencies.

Lawmakers Push a Bipartisan Effort to Protect Frontline Feds as Opioid Seizures Skyrocket

Seizures of the potentially lethal substance by federal personnel has quadrupled in the last two years.

The Biden Administration Is Confident It Has the Staff to Handle the Expected Increase of Migrants at the Border

DHS is hiring contractors, deploying staff and engaging with other agencies, but says it will not sacrifice any part of its mission.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments on whether Biden Can Toss Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Policy

The Biden administration had ended the policy that forced 70,000 migrants to wait in Mexico. But a federal judge in Texas forced the administration to restart the program in December.

Gov. Greg Abbott’s Plan to Bus Migrants to Washington, D.C., Will Be Voluntary

Abbott said he’s responding to the Biden administration announcement that it will lift a pandemic-era emergency health order that allowed immigration authorities to turn away migrants at the border, even those seeking asylum.

Biden’s Latest Border Moves Spur Criticism that He’s Continuing Wall Construction

The administration says it’s filling in wall gaps for agent safety and flood control, and documents suggest an environmental assessment for 86 miles of wall in South Texas is a stalling tactic.

Internal Investigation Confirms Border Patrol Failures Leading Up to a 16-Year-Old’s Death on the Floor of His Cell

A Border Patrol agent logged welfare checks that didn’t happen. Only one medical professional was caring for 200 sick migrants. The government hasn’t said whether anyone is being punished.

IG: $400M Border Contract Awarded Properly, Though Investigators Met Roadblocks in Interviews 

This was one of several contracts awarded under the Trump administration for the U.S.-Mexico border wall. 

A Secretive Counterterrorism Team Interrogated Dozens of Citizens at the Border, Government Report Finds

A report by a federal watchdog shows how the Trump administration flagged at least 51 citizens for interrogation at the border based on evidence as flimsy as once having ridden in a car with someone suspected of aiding the migrant “caravan.”

Homeland Security Investigates Border Patrol Agents for Potential Misconduct, Sends More Personnel to Texas

DHS secretary says he was "horrified" and "troubled" by actions of federal border personnel in Del Rio, Texas.

The Federal Government Calls It a Levee. South Texas Immigration Advocates and Environmentalists See a Border Wall.

Border wall opponents say President Joe Biden broke his promise to halt border wall construction when Homeland Security started building a wall and calling it a levee.

Homeland Security Cancels Two Border Wall Contracts

These are the first cancellations since DHS released its plan for unobligated border wall funds in June. 

Donald Trump Visits Texas to Tour “Unfinished Border Wall” on U.S.-Mexico Border with Gov. Greg Abbott

The former president is toured border Wednesday with Abbott, who has promised to build a state-funded border wall.

Watchdog: Army Corps of Engineers Should Reevaluate Border Contracting Strategies 

The agency said while President Trump’s border emergency was “largely undefined,” it’s considering changes for emergency responses.