ArtificiaI Intelligence

How Congress is gearing up to take advantage of generative AI

The House is working on new AI specific policies, guidance and training.

Agencies are on track with AI executive order deadlines, White House says

At the 90-day mark since President Joe Biden’s sweeping artificial intelligence executive order, agencies have met mandated timelines, with some initiatives ahead of schedule.

Why AI can’t replace air traffic controllers

Humans are likely to remain a necessary central component of air traffic control for a long time to come.

Can NIST get it all done?

The small technology agency has a big share of the responsibility for executing on the Biden administration's executive order on artificial intelligence.

House lawmakers join push for agencies to disclose public-impacting AI uses

A group of House members from both parties rolled out companion legislation to a Senate bill that would require agencies to notify individuals when they are engaging with AI tools.

DOD’s AI adoption efforts are starting to pay off, Pentagon official says

The Defense Department considers emerging technologies at “the center of how we think about planning for what the future of the military should look,” according to the head of the Pentagon’s Force Development and Emerging Capabilities office.

Employees need drastic reskilling to deal with generative AI’s data needs

Data analysts are just one part of the picture, observers said. Governments will also need data architects and business analysts, as well as ethicists to help with its responsible use.

OPM authorizes hiring flexibilities for AI

Government hiring tools like direct hire and Schedule A appointments are meant to help with an executive order-mandated AI talent surge into the government.