Technology Toolbox

Technology Toolbox


ere's one of the beauties of the march of technology: When editors collect more information of use to readers than they can afford to print, the information can simply be made available on the Internet.

This is what we have done with a digest of laws, regulations, reports and guides we assembled in the course of research for this article.

The digest is intended to be useful to general executives and managers who wish to educate themselves more on information technology policy and applications.

The digest lists six laws enacted since 1990 that pertain to agencies' investments in technology. It includes references to three Office of Management and Budget circulars on the topic, along with hot-links to the texts of these documents, and to the President's July 16 executive order, "Federal Information Technology."

You will also learn how to order useful technology management guides published by OMB, the General Services Administration and the National Academy of Public Administration, and find a list of useful reports and on-line resources available from both public and private-sector sources.

All of this is available here in the Technology section of Government Executive's World Wide Web site.