Protecting Student Data in a Multicloud World

How do you know if you're investing in the right solution? Public sector experts weigh in.

Colleges across the country are pursuing multicloud opportunities in an effort to support improved learning outcomes. Securing student data must occur in lockstep with these developments. However, mitigating threats and enforcing data governance structures at the data level can be a tall order for many state and local organizations, which may not have the personnel or resources. So, how do universities protect student data in an increasingly multi-cloud world? 

On "Security Stories" a podcast sponsored by NetApp Public Sector and HighPoint, host Troy Schneider, president of GovExec 360, will explore this question alongside two industry guests: Allen Magsipoc, principal systems architect at HighPoint and Bob Burwell, chief technology officer for State, Local Government and Education at NetApp. 

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This content was produced by GovExec's Studio 2G and made possible by our sponsor(s) NetApp Public Sector and HighPoint. The editorial staff of GovExec was not involved in its preparation.

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