TIC 3.0 and the Telework Transformation

The Roadmap to TIC 3.0: Episode 2

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While the pandemic might have swept in the era of mass telework, as vaccines promise an end to pandemic restrictions, it’s unlikely that agencies and organizations everywhere will return to the largely in-office operations they were before March 2020. And while many agencies were able to transition to remote work nearly overnight, the struggle to optimize and secure networks for remote workers is still ongoing.

The TIC 3.0 framework can offer a solution, helping agency IT teams build secure, modern networks that can serve and protect a more remote workforce in the long term. So, what are the advantages and how can agencies begin thinking about integrating TIC 3.0 for their remote workforce?

That’s what three experts will talk about in this episode of “The Roadmap to TIC 3.0,” a three-part podcast series brought to you by Cisco and World Wide Technology, in partnership with Government Executive Media Group’s Studio 2G.

In this episode, Constance Sayers, president of Government Executive Media Group, will speak with Chad Mitchell, technical solutions architect for U.S. Public Sector at Cisco and Michael Pfeiffer, Cloud Networking Architect at WWT to talk through how TIC 3.0 provides the flexibility necessary to enable remote workers as well as the unified communications and collaboration tools they need to remain productive

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