MachineKind Episode 3: Man, Meet Machine

AI still needs humans to be successful.

The federal workforce is evolving. Employees who work for Uncle Sam are tech savvier than ever before and have more tools at their disposal to be more efficient. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, it might not be too long before AI coupled with humans become the norm in the workplace, helping make predictive and better analysis and decisions. 

But there is some hesitation. Opponents fear AI will replace humans in almost every role. Undoubtedly, if humans aren’t about to be replaced skillsets will need to change to keep up with the technology at hand. Ultimately, AI can’t do it alone, it will always need human components in order to make the tech successful.

Learn more about how humans and machines make the ultimate pair in this episode of “MachineKind,” a new podcast from Government Executive in collaboration with NVIDIA, Dell Technologies and GAI Inc., dedicated to exploring the art of the possible in artificial intelligence. In this episode, host Tim Hartman, CEO of Government Executive Media Group, speaks with Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer, and Anthony Robbins, Vice President of Federal at NVIDIA, about navigating the way forward.

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