Machine Morality

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Machine Morality: How Better Data Sharing Can Prevent the Next Cyber Attack

In the world of AI, there’s no quick fix for mitigating bias. Quite the opposite: To truly achieve insightful outcomes, today’s government IT leaders must continuously check and monitor their data. In this third and final episode of Machine Morality, we discuss how government agencies can more effectively protect their critical infrastructure.

Machine Morality: How Bias Creeps Into Geospatial Intelligence

AI-powered digital maps offer visualizations and analytics many of us couldn’t imagine just a few years ago. But who is training the data used to populate these maps? And how are inherent and unconscious biases impacting their quality? We tackle these questions — and more — on this episode of Machine Morality.

Machine Morality: Unwanted Bias in AI, Explained

Introducing Machine Morality, a new podcast from Esri and GovExec’s Studio 2G, where we get to the bottom of some of government’s biggest ethical AI challenges. In this pilot episode, hear from experts on AI and ethics as they discuss how defense and intelligence leaders can strategically implement the latest AI tools and technologies, while ensuring the technology is used in a way that serves all populations fairly and equally.