The Federal Innovator Podcast: Breaking Tradition to Transform

Episode 1

As government agencies navigate an accelerated tech landscape, increased consumer demand and IT modernization, they will need innovative ways to keep up and adapt. Much of that will require breaking convention and stepping outside the usual boxes of government tech acquisition and processes. 

As a result, agencies today are looking away from traditional methods and tapping strategy prototyping to solve problems in new ways and prepare for the future of work. So, how do they explore what’s possible, from a human-centric perspective, while keeping an eye on mission? And how do agencies balance exploring what’s new versus focusing on the high-priority constants required of the government?

That’s what we'll discuss on the premiere episode of The Federal Innovator, a podcast for and about the innovators taking on the biggest challenges in the federal government — and making change that is more human, simple and enduring.  

On this episode, Dr. Ryan Vega, the Diffusion of Excellence lead at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Center for Innovation joins co-hosts Tim Irvine, managing director and lead at Accenture Federal Digital Studio, and Stephanie Wander, deputy director and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.

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