Government Efficiency: Innovative Ways to Generate Revenue

Public sector organizations currently face a number of challenges, yet must continue to meet the demands of citizens, businesses and agencies for core services. Moving forward under this “new normal” requires agencies to rethink how they support their mission and operate efficiently. Many organizations have turned to cost-cutting initiatives as a solution, and while focusing on cost-control remains critical, there is another solution. Federal agencies can pursue innovative sources of non-appropriated revenue that will enable them to build a sustainable foundation for funding future operations.

Four strategies for generating non-appropriated revenue—sale of goods, value-based fees, collection of rents and advertising—can help public service agencies support their mission and meet the demands of citizens and businesses despite economic uncertainty, limited revenues and budget cuts. Using these strategies, organizations can augment appropriated revenue, offset external costs and protect critical programs.

By expanding the equation and thinking beyond purely cost-cutting measures, agencies can boost support for their mission to deliver public service for the future. Learn more about these strategies and what non-appropriated revenue can do for your agency by reading Government Efficiency: Innovative Ways to Generate Revenue.