Accenture Digital Borders Survey - Infographic

Do citizens support the use of biometric technologies to facilitate travel and secure borders? Accenture research indicates they do. Of citizens surveyed, 89 percent are willing to share their biometric details when traveling across international borders, although 69 percent have not shared biometrics to date.

When it comes to digital borders, the majority of people surveyed believe that the use of biometrics could make border crossing:

  • More secure: 73 percent believe biometrics would increase security and 62 percent would share biometric data to improve border security.
  • Faster: 58 percent would share biometrics to make border processing more efficient.

The research also indicates that e-gates are paving the way for digital borders. Of those who have used e-gates or smart gates, 85 percent found it faster than manual processing and 80 percent would do so again.

The strong belief among citizens that digital technologies can improve travel and secure borders demonstrates the importance of border management agencies continuing to adopt new tools and processes to meet the demands of citizens for safer, faster and more convenient travel.

To learn more, view Accenture Digital Borders Survey—Infographic now.