Trump Finalizes Pay Raise for Feds in 2020

The new pay tables are out: Federal employees will see a 2.6% increase in basic pay next year, with an average 0.5% increase in locality pay.

President Trump on Thursday issued an executive order confirming that federal civilian employees will see an average 3.1% pay increase next year.

The order marks the final stage of the 2020 pay raise process, implementing the raise approved by Congress and signed by Trump last week as part of the bipartisan fiscal 2020 spending agreement.

Next year, federal workers will see a 2.6% increase to their basic pay an average 0.5% increase dispersed across the various locality pay areas. The pay raise provision also freezes the pay of the vice president and a number of other top administration posts next year.

The pay raise will take effect with the first full pay period of 2020, which begins Jan. 5.

Late Thursday, the Office of Personnel Management published the 2020 pay tables and locality pay area definitions outlining the precise pay rates in various regions across the country. OPM also published a general schedule salary calculator

This story has been updated with links to information published by OPM late Thursday.