Federal Travelers Will Be Reimbursed Slightly More for Hotels and Meals Starting Oct. 1

Marietta, Georgia, qualifies for a higher rate in 2019, while 21 locations will fall back to standard rates that apply in the rest of the continental United States.

Federal travelers will receive a very slight increase in the amount they are reimbursed for their hotels and meals in fiscal 2019, the General Services Administration announced Tuesday.

Starting on Oct. 1, the standard per diem rates for federal employees on business trips will be $94 for lodging, up from the current $93, and $55 for meals and incidental expenses, up from $51.

There are, however, 325 non-standard areas that have higher rates. The fiscal 2019 rates for lodging in Washington, D.C., for instance, will be $251 in October, March-June and September; $181 from November-February; and $179 in July and August. The meals and incidentals per diem in D.C. will be $76 starting in October.

Marietta, Ga., will get its own rate as a non-standard area for fiscal 2019, while 21 other localities that previously had individual rates will now be covered by the standard figures.

GSA sets per diem rates using data from the lodging industry.

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