Some TSP funds bounce back in March

Good news for Thrift Savings Plan investors: The C and S funds posted positive returns in March, the first time both funds have gained in 2002, according to the latest numbers from the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board.

The C fund, which invests in common stocks, gained 3.73 percent in March, its first gain since December 2001. But with all of its fluctuations in the past year, the C fund has only posted a 0.12 percent gain since April 1, 2001.

The S fund, which invests in the stocks of small- and mid-sized companies, was another winner in March, posting a 6.83 percent gain. But in the past 11 months, the S fund has dropped 0.36 percent.

The I fund, which is invested in international stocks, rose 5.82 percent in March, but is still posting negative returns for the last 11 months. The I fund has dropped 14.71 percent since May 2001.

The F fund, which consists of fixed-income bonds, dropped by 1.66 percent in March, it's first dip since December 2001. The F fund has gained 5.45 percent in the past year.

The G fund, comprised of government securities, gained a steady 0.44 percent in March, boosting its 12-month return to 5.35 percent.

The monthly C, F, G, S and I Fund returns reflect net earnings on the amounts invested during the month.

For an index of the performance of the C, I and S funds that is updated each business day, see the "TSP Ticker" on the front page of

March's rates of return are listed below. The numbers in parentheses are negative.

G Fund F Fund C Fund S Fund I Fund
March 2002 0.44% (1.66)% 3.73% 6.83% 5.82%
Last 12 Months
5.35% 5.45% 0.12% -- --
Last 11 Months *
-- --- --- (0.36%) (14.71%)

* The S and I Funds debuted in May 2001.

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