Play of the Day: Tennis at the White House

First Lady Melania Trump broke ground on a new pavilion this week.

President Donald Trump once again misspelled a word in a tweet, writing "wirch hunt" instead of "witch hunt" while tweeting about the impeachment inquiry. Late Late Show's James Corden joked about the news, saying that Trump uses the term so much that Corden was shocked that Trump's autofill doesn't just put in the correct "witch hunt" when Trump types the letter W.

First Lady Melania Trump announced the start of construction for a new White House tennis pavilion this week, tweeting a photo of her with a ceremonial shovel. Jimmy Kimmel joked about the photo, joking about her "most rugged pair of construction stilettos" and that she is "definitely digging an escape tunnel." Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about the news, too, saying that tennis is "just how far she's willing to go to hear someone say the word 'love.'" Kimmel also resurfaced the infamous photo of President Trump in tennis whites, calling him "Roger Well-Federer" and "Billie Jean Burger King."

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