Play of the Day: The President Has Something To Say About Baltimore

The man who says "love it or leave it" spent the weekend disparaging an American city.

According to reports, President Donald Trump reads four newspapers each day. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about the president's reading habits, saying "he laughs just as hard when he reads Garfield."

Trump spent the weekend attacking another minority lawmaker and majority-minority Congressional district, tweeting that Rep. Elijah Cummings' Maryland district is "a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess." Jimmy Kimmel joked that he assumed Trump was calling the White House rat-infested, while Late Show's Stephen Colbert noted that Baltimore is in American and sang a version of "God Bless America," while changing the lyrics to include "except Baltimore. They got rats there, no MAGA hats there, I avoid it because they are poor." Kimmel joked that "the man who said 'love it or leave' has attacked more cities than Godzilla," while Colbert joked that Trump has insulted so many American cities and states that he's going to "take the flag and replace half the stars with poop emojis."

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