Play of the Day: Ben Carson Is Thinking About Cookies

The HUD chief doesn't know some key acronyms.

President Donald Trump held a rally on Monday in Pennsylvania and complained about the "stupid lights" at the event, saying "we like the sun better than the artificial not sun." Late-night hosts joked about the quote, with Late Show's Stephen Colbert saying Trump sprays his face with "real, canned sun" and The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon saying that Trump's favorite "the artificial not sun." is Jared Kushner.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson appeared before the House Financial Services Committee and was asked questions about offices in his agency that he could not identify. When Rep. Joyce Beatty reminded Carson that they had spoken about the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion in previous hearings, Carson still could not identify it, prompting Colbert to joke that the committee pinned a note on his suit like a child. In a viral clip, Rep. Katie Porter asked Carson about about foreclosure rates for real-estate owned properties, confusing Carson by using the acronym REO. Carson questioned if she was talking about Oreos, prompting The Daily Show's Trevor Noah to say Carson is a "legend," while Jimmy Kimmel joked that "she lost him as soon as he started thinking about cookies." Colbert also joked in Carson's voice, saying "help me out. I'm not a rocket scientist, I'm just a brain surgeon."

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